A happy Saturday night

I had a surprisingly really great night tonight.  I say ‘surprising’ because I’ve been so tired lately, and a little…blah shall we say.  Not all the time, but at certain points in the day – every day.  Knowing that James was going out tonight to play poker with a group of friends, I was a little worried about my state of mind throughout the evening.  I guess as it turns out it really wasn’t that much different than my usual night routine, since he goes to bed by 9 at the latest, and I’m on my own after that point anyway.  But I do tend to get a bit more time after dinner when he’s home.  I had a little over an hour to rest/write/take a short bath before he headed out, so I was able to feel somewhat rejuvenated for the night.

So off he went and at the time, Andrew was napping because he’d had such a big day (my Nana came over to visit from the island, and met the babies for the first time, and Andrew got some presents and ate way too much sugar, so inevitably he crashed!)  While Andrew slept, I tandem nursed the babies, and actually felt calm and happy while doing so.  Maybe I need to post about that at some point…I’ve been posting a lot more to my multiples group and not here, so I’m forgetting what I’ve said here and what I’ve said there.  But suffice it to say, it’s good news that I was tandem nursing and not feeling like I was going a bit crazy while doing so LOL.  (It’s really not that bad, but it’s challenging at times for sure…)  Anyway, so Andrew was napping, I fed the girls, and they both miraculously went to sleep.  I think there was some amount of formula top ups after the nursing but the exact details are a little hazy now!

I had the babies sleeping on opposite ends of the couch, positioned so I know they can’t fall off.  (Margaret rolls like crazy so I have to be careful with her; Emily is verrry close to rolling, she almost did it today so I’m thinking tomorrow she might be a roller too!)

While they slept, I was able to rearrange a few kitchen drawers that have been bugging me.  I also finally put together the new shoe rack for the hall closet, and got the last box in there unpacked.  (It wasn’t THE LAST BOX to unpack, just the last one in that closet!  There are only some left in James and my bedroom closets, though I still feel there is a TON TO DO to feel totally settled here – I think it will always be a work in progress!)  While I was getting stuff organized, Andrew woke up and asked, ‘Is it OK for me to come downstairs now?’  Often when he’s gone to bed for the night, he’ll wake up and ask if he can get up, and the answer is No because it’s late and he’s still supposed to be sleeping, one of us is just up because the babies are.  But at this point it was about 7:30pm and while that’s his usual bed time (ish) these days, he was out of whack waking up from a 3 hour nap!  I said Yes, that he could come downstairs, and I even went and got him a Yop.  He sat on the couch in between where his sisters were sleeping and I got him sorted with a show on Netflix.  Actually, he got himself sorted with a show on Netflix, because he likes to do such things himself (and only watches shows that are ‘appwopwiate’ for his age!)  I got a few more things done, got him a snack, I ate, and in the meantime Margaret had woken up after at least an hour’s sleep, nursed and bottle fed, and then was happy to just roll around on a blanket on the floor for a while.  When I roll her back over so she’s in the middle of the blanket again, she sometimes gets this look on her face like she’s about to cry, and then I’ll say something like, ‘Margaret!  Where were you going?!  Were you going to roll right out of here?!’  And she will give me the biggest grin.  She does this thing with her face and her shoulders when she grins sometimes that makes me feel as if we’re sharing some big secret, just the two of us, and I absolutely love it.  After some cuddles, more nursing and a bottle, she zonked out again.  I had got her changed into a sleeper but Emily was still in her dress from the day.  I took of her pantyhose at least (lol!) and changed her diaper, but it was a fleece dress so cozy enough to sleep in.  I didn’t want to risk waking her up fully by changing her outfit, because she’d been napping so long by that point…Once awake it would likely be several hours at least before she’d sleep again!  So luckily a bottle shoved into her mouth was all it took to keep her happy, and she didn’t wake up.  When I took her up to her crib (I have a routine where I take their fleece owl blankets (that go with the owl theme I’m doing for their room, though it’s such a work in progress at this point that the blankets are pretty much the only piece of the theme LOL) and first I take Emily up to bed so I put the blanket against me, pick her up, and wrap it around her, then take her up and put her in the crib, and then I do the same with Margaret and place her beside her sister.  We’re still keeping them in the same crib, although both are set up.  They really love to be close to each other, so as long as they can fit together we’ll keep them that way.

(This is likely boring stuff, but I’m recording it because it’s our routine and I want to remember these moments.  Even though they might seem ‘boring’, they’re important to me right now!)

Before the babies went to bed, while they continued to sleep on the couch, Andrew decided he was ‘soooo tired’ so we went up to read some stories and go back to sleep.  I read one story and then he wanted to be a Mr. Chatterbox.  He couldn’t stop talking about everything he wants to be and do when he grows up.  He’s so excited about it!  Apparently he wants to be a dentist on the 50th floor of a building that he is going to design and build himself.  He’s also going to be famous, on TV, and he’s going to construct a submarine that has a giant Dr. Doom sticker on the top of it.  He’s also going to fix computers, AND he’s going to be an exterminator.  The exterminator job went from him taking bugs, pouring glue on them, and then squashing them with a ‘crisp tube’ (chip container like Pringles, he got ‘crisp tube’ from watching Mr. Maker LOL) to him taking them outside, fixing them if they’re injured, and then taking them back to where they came from.  He has a vivid imagination!  I love listening to him talk excitedly about the future and all the possibilities, even if some of them sound totally insane!!  When he’s being ‘Good Andrew’ (as he calls it…he will actually say when I ask him to help me with something, ‘Yes, Mommy, I’ll help you, because I’m going to be Good Andrew right now!’) he is actually at a REALLY fun and endearing age.  We won’t talk about how I feel when he’s being ‘Bad Andrew’.  LOL

James got home while we were upstairs talking, so we chatted with him a bit, too.  I think James was pleased that everything had gone smoothly tonight, as he could have come home to me being totally frazzled and exhausted and needing help!  Instead, all was as well as it could be here, really.  I’m exhausted but not in a negative way!  It actually turned out to be a really positive night.

I think if I’d have let him, Andrew would still be gabbing on, into the wee hours of the morning.  But finally I convinced him that I had to go get the babies into bed, pump milk, and get some rest myself.  He has a Star Wars themed Lego alarm clock and I showed him that it was 11:30pm already and he knew that was late, so he agreed to think a little more in his own head about what he wants to do when he grows up, and we’re going to discuss it in the morning!

I was able to get the babies to bed without even having to do another feed, I pumped some milk (not as much as I’d have liked but I’m not allowing myself to get uptight about that anymore…I’m nursing the babies a lot and only pumping twice a day now, as of the past few days…Plus my period is just about to start and I know that it decreases supply for a few days so I’m not going to sweat it) and decided instead of going to bed right away, I’d write this because it’s somewhat rare lately that I get the chance to write, and when I do I’m often writing negative stuff about how overwhelmed I am.  It IS overwhelming, but it’s also wonderful, and I want to record the happy moments.

One funny thing Andrew said tonight, just out of the blue:  “Mommy, I’ve got lots of money, you know.”  I said, “Oh, you do?!”  He replied, “Yep!  It’s in a money bank somewhere, and I don’t know where that is, but it’s there, and it’s mine!”  LOL  Where does he come up with this stuff?!

I really should go to bed now since it’s almost 1 and the girls could get up any time (although technically James is on duty when that happens!) but I’m pleased to report that it was a good night in our house tonight, and that made a world of difference for my mood.


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