The girls first shots

Written yesterday...(I'm always a day behind these days!!)

Today the girls went for their first immunizations.  I booked their appointment late and couldn’t get in when they were 8 weeks, so they got their shots at 12 weeks 2 days.  (I can’t believe they are going to be 3 months old in less than a week!!)

Emily is 14lbs and Margaret is just over 13, so they have nearly tripled their birth weight in just under 3 months.  Crazy!!  James and I figured they were around 11-12lbs, but 14?!  Wow!  Healthy girls!

Their shots went well, about as well as can be expected.  I had to go alone because I didn’t have anyone other than my mom who could help me out, and the best help was for her to watch Andrew for me while I took the girls on my own.  It was a little bit challenging with there being two babies, since it meant I couldn’t cuddle them as much as I would have after their shots if it was just one baby.  But twins seem to get used to that pretty quickly, or at least I think ours have!  They both get plenty of cuddles from many people, there is definitely no shortage of love for them.  But they seem to have more patience somehow than a singleton does, because they have to get used to sharing from day one. 

Emily went first, and I was a little nervous because I thought she would be the fussier of the two, since in general she is the more high strung baby (although it’s minimal, they are both such good girls).  She sobbed when the needles went in (2 in the left leg, one in the right…and an oral one that she didn’t seem to mind the taste of, though she spit out more of it than Margaret did, I swear Margaret would have had several more syringes of it if she could have!  lol)  And she cried a bit after the shots…I was worried that she would be fussing when I inevitably had to put her back in her car seat in the stroller to get Margaret out for her turn, but she settled right down and was calm as can be while Margaret got her shots. 

Poor Margaret though…I felt so bad for her.  I was reminded of how fragile seemed at birth, just because she was so skinny and tiny and just seemed like a fragile little baby compared to Emily.  She cried like I have never heard her cry before, and did a quivering lip thing that I’ve never seen her do either.  It just broke my heart to see her like that!  But it was fairly short lived.  Both babies cried a bit at the same time when I took them out of the room where the vaccinations were done, but I gave them both a bottle at the same time and they fell asleep after a few minutes, so I took them over to my mom’s and the rest is history!

At least that’s over and done with.  So far tonight they’ve been maybe a tiny bit fussier than usual but not really anything to speak of.  At least not yet!  No fevers or anything.  So hopefully they will just breeze right through.


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