More than our fair share of sick

Well, the inevitable happened – James and Andrew both ended up with the Norovirus.  Luckily the girls haven’t got it, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that their immunities are well built from breastfeeding so they’ll be fine.  I would feel terrible if they got sick.

It was several nights ago, James was run-down from his cold, but otherwise seemed fine, and then I went for my sleep shift.  45 minutes in, I’m woken up to James telling me I had to get up because the babies were fussy but he was sick.  I knew exactly what he was going through after just having finished the process myself, so I felt SO bad for him.  I also felt extremely anxious and freaked out because the harsh reality sunk in that I would be having to single-handedly (at least mostly) prepare us for our move, and our weekend plans of going on a blitz getting ready for it would no longer be happening.  I was so stressed out (and in some ways still am, but I’m trying to be calm!)

James seemed to have a bit of a milder case of the sickness than I did, although he had it pretty bad and is still recovering.  Andrew came down with it the day before yesterday…We knew he had it when he threw up all over his bed…He had a way milder case, though – more than anything, he’s just been a lot more tired than usual and taking long afternoon naps.

I’m now coming down with the cold James had before he got the virus.  Can’t I get a break?!!  My gawd!  I hope this is the end of sickness for us for a LONG time.  I just want to focus on our move and enjoy the process as much as possible, rather than feeling so stressed, strapped for time, and too exhausted to properly work at getting us packed.  I accomplished a lot today, but it wasn’t nearly what we’d had planned to do before any of us got sick.  So frustrating.

BUT in less than a week we’ll be in the new place.  And my AWESOME dad painted the kids rooms for us this weekend!  I can’t wait till Andrew sees his.  He picked the colour for both his room and his sisters’ room.  His is Little Boy Blue and the girls’ is Bunny Nose Pink.  When you go up the stairs and turn the corner toward their rooms, it reminds me of Easter eggs!  Lol  I love it.  It’ll be so cool once Andrew’s superhero wall decals arrive so we can get his theme going, and I’ve ordered some cute prints for the girls’ room, which will have an owl theme to it.  I’m so excited to be decorating their rooms!  Now to get rid of this cold and get my energy back (what little I had, that is!) so I can be more productive…Less than a week till we’re in the new place…Eeek!


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