Letting go

I'm getting quite excited about our move. It's already proving challenging getting ready (packing) due to lack of energy and needy children! It's like no other move I've experienced before! Lol. I have ALWAYS managed to move and have literally everything unpacked in a matter of 2 days but I have a feeling this time it's going to take significantly longer. Which is OK, I know it is - but for me it's kind of not. I can't stand boxes just sitting there calling out to be unpacked!!  (or at this point, packed!)

Packing to move is going to take longer this time, too, because I really want to be as efficient as possible, and part of that means not holding onto things just because it's easier than sorting through and purging.  In previous moves I've done a pretty good job of being organized, but with some things I would just pack it thinking I'd get to it later...but of course I never really would.  Or maybe at the time I just wasn't ready to let go of things yet.

This time around, I really want to scale back.  Even tho we're going to have more space than we've ever had, I don't want there to be clutter in places where there doesn't have to be.  So I have to work on purging and being ok with letting go.

I've even got Andrew somewhat on board with getting rid of some toys - you'd never know it with how much he still has, but we've already collected up nearly 2 black garbage bags of stuff from his room to give to good will.  I really want to teach him that 'stuff' doesn't matter so much and it's good to let go sometimes...so I have to listen to my own advice, and talk the talk - so to speak!


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