Just a few more weeks and we're out of here!

The girls have so far pulled through from the shots AMAZINGLY.  Basically the only side effect they’ve had is the drowsiness, which is kind of awesome…Or, rather, should I say, WOULD be awesome for me if it wasn’t for Andrew!  If he would let me rest, I’d have been able to totally catch up on sleep today because the girls have slept SO much.  Emily had a fussy patch for a couple of hours this afternoon, but by fussy all I really mean is she wanted to be held and feel ‘involved’ in what Andrew and I were doing (which was sorting and packing boxes!)  Margaret has slept almost the whole day through, just waking for quick feeds and going back to sleep.  Both of them have been full of grins, which has been SO sweet to see.  Margaret grinned so big that she let out a little squeal as if she was laughing at the same time, too cute!!  So they didn’t get fevers or anything negative from their immunizations, at least not at this point and you’d think if they were going to it would have happened by now.  Not feeding as much has also meant I was able to pump a little extra milk, so maybe I can freeze one feeding’s worth (unless they go on a frenzy tonight to make up for lost time, which is always possible!!)

Today a couple came through to view the condo, and another woman was supposed to have been by now but never called to say she wasn’t coming so I’m sort of waiting around not knowing if she’ll show or not (which is super annoying, not that I was planning on going anywhere, but I feel like I can’t put my pajamas on, or let things get any less tidy than they already are, just in case she suddenly calls to say she’s on her way).  I really liked the couple that came through today, actually everyone who’s viewed the place so far has been really friendly.  It doesn’t matter ultimately who ends up living here, for my sake, since obviously this place isn’t tied to us in any way, but it would be nice to have a good feeling about the next tenants, especially since we might run into each other, given how close we are going to be living to here!  LOL

I’m getting so excited/NERVOUS about our big move, omg.  We get the keys in less than a week, AAAHHHHH!!!  We’re not moving till near the end of the month, but still, we can start moving bits and pieces over when we have time (which means not much at all, since it’s kind of hard to do much of anything with 3 small kids in tow…I can’t even take the garbage out these days if I wanted to, not easily at least!)

Today I (with some help from Andrew!) spent a big chunk of time packing – kitchen stuff and books.  Still SO MUCH left to do and yet we have a crazy amount of boxes already packed, which scarily doesn’t even scratch the surface…I’m exhausted just thinking about it.  It’s so hard to find the time to get stuff done, the energy to do it properly…I have no get up and go, EVER, it seems.  BUT I am pretty excited about getting into the new space and setting up, so I’m just trying to remind myself of how great it’s going to be to have that extra space and feel like we’re living in a proper house with enough room for all of us!


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