Thoughts on moving and a kid update!

The girls just had a really long tandem feed (nursing, no bottles!) and zonked right out.  They’re cuddled up, propped against a pillow on the couch, on their tummies.  All things we’re told NOT to do with our babies but they’re so content.  I lay them flat on their backs and they fuss and wake up sooner.  So what to do??  We’re sort of struggling with our routine right now.  I don’t like I having them sleep on the couch, but the bassinet is no longer (will be dismantled this weekend!) because they’re too big to be in it together.  I set up Andrew’s old playpen where we had the bassinet, and we’re going to try sleeping them in there for a while, but so far they haven’t really taken to it.  Ultimately they need to be in the crib…but with it being in our room and how noisy they (cough, cough Emily) can be when they sleep, we’re putting off having them in the room with us.  I think we need to make the transition though…

This process (re: dilemma) is making me realize all the more how we’ve outgrown this space and desperately need to find new accommodations.  It’s stressful to say the least.  I’m not seeing listings that fit our needs, and yes I do have some specific criteria, but rightfully so given we want to stay put in our next place as long as possible.  I don’t want to move to some place that I’ll have regrets about early on.  I don’t want to move to a place we might outgrow too soon.  It’s also just plain stressful because I’m so tired as it is, the thought of moving (or should I say PACKING AND UNPACKING) overwhelms me.  And the cost of moving.  None of it seems fun to me right now.

On the other hand, I can’t wait to be in our new digs, set up, and living in a larger space.  That will be sooooo wonderful, it’s just the process of getting to that point that is daunting…And when not getting enough sleep, the ‘unknown’ can cause anxiety.  Not knowing where we’ll end up or if we’ll be happy there, it all kind of freaks me out.

Of our 4 moves, 3 have taken place at the middle or end of February, and our lease is up at the end of February, so hopefully this means we’ll stick with tradition and find our new home sweet home at the same time of year that we generally have in the past.  I just wish we were at that point already.  I need the security.  I’m not a fly by the seat of my pants type of gal!

In other, more important news…

Andrew’s getting really excited about Christmas, and loves to talk about how Santa will be coming down the chimney, and what he hopes Santa will be bringing (which I actually knew Santa would be bringing before Andrew even mentioned that he wanted it!)  I told him the other day that with his birthday being around Christmas, he was the best Christmas present I ever got.  He obviously enjoys that fact, because he brought it up several times today with a big smile on his face.  He’s still suffering from slight bouts of almost-4-year-old ridiculous tantrums, but for the most part he’s a lot better and is working on ‘patience.’  He’s been really great with his sisters, which makes me happy.

The girls are continuing to grow in crazy leaps and bounds.  I can hardly wait to find out their weights in the early new year when they get their immunizations (a few weeks late since the clinic was all booked up when we called to book their appointments, or we’d have gone this week).  I’m guessing they’re around the 10lbs mark, possibly a little above?  It’s hard to say, but they can’t squeeze into 10lbs onesies anymore!  They’re wearing 3-6 month clothes mostly.  Some 0-3 month stuff still fits, but within the next couple of weeks tops they will be way too tight.  Considering they were born a month early, that’s crazy.  They are BIG babies!  They’re even getting too big for size 1 diapers, which are supposed to be for 8-14lbs!  But they’re not fitting my little chubbettes anymore!!

Since birth (literally since the first time I really looked at her) Margaret has looked like James to me.  Now that she’ s filling out and has chubby cheeks, I think I can see a little of me in her too, but she’s DEFINITELY Daddy’s girl!  Whereas I think Emily looks a lot more like me.  She also looks EXACTLY like my mom as a baby.  We have a picture of my mom as a baby and you’d seriously think it IS Emily, that’s how similar they look.  But I see me in her too.  It’s interesting because not only does Margaret look more like James and Emily more like me, but they have the personalities to match.  Margaret is totally laid back, go with the flow, calm and easy going.  Sooo James.  Emily is a little higher strung, gets grumpy when she’s not fed enough, and worries if she thinks food isn’t available AT ALL TIMES.  Just like her Mom!!  Haha.  Also she doesn’t sleep as well, and Margaret ‘sleeps like a baby.’  Who knows how much these things might change over time, but I’m loving seeing their little personalities develop, and watching them become more alert and interested in looking around. 

Last night I put them on Andrew’s old play mat, and they both looked at the toys hanging from it.  Margaret in particular looked at each and every toy individually, and then reached up and touched one of them purposefully.  I say ‘purposefully’ because I could tell it wasn’t just a random flail of her arm, she really was looking at it and decided to reach for it.  Emily was checking things out too, but she was also wildly looking around the rest of the room, so she wasn’t quite as intent on the play mat toys!

I love everything about my girls.  I keep staring at them and I can’t believe they’re both mine.  How lucky am I, to have the 3 perfect children that I do?!


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