Our Christmas

I can’t believe Christmas has already come and gone! 

On Christmas Eve I really wanted James to take me and the kids out to look at Christmas lights.  Well, obviously the babies would be asleep, and the idea was that Andrew would enjoy the lights and inevitably fall asleep, so James and I could have some quiet time together.  We’ve come to realize that, somewhat sadly, one of the only times we get some real quiet time together to chat without interruption is when we’re driving in the van with the kids in the back! 

We came to this realization the last time we were all out driving together, and the babies slept while Andrew listened to music on his iPod.  It was such a relaxing drive, and we actually got to not only START a conversation, but FINISH it – AMAZING!!

I was actually kind of sick on Xmas Eve, and I don’t know if it was a virus or just that I was really tired, it’s hard to say.  I was throwing up, feeling really weak, and soooo tired.  My parents came over to help with the kids so I was able to go have a nap, and I actually slept for 2 hours straight, which really helped.  After they left when James got home from work, we started the process of getting everyone ready so we could go look at the lights.  Talk about total gong show!  We were thinking of just forgetting the whole thing, except that I kind of had my heart set on it because I’d been cooped up inside too long and I knew we weren’t leaving the house on Xmas day, so I really felt the need to get out, even if just for a drive around.  I also really wanted the ‘date’ with James, where we could chat and not feel like we were just going through the motions of our usual routine.

But the babies suddenly became ravenous, and went on a feeding frenzy before we could get ready.  Then Andrew started getting fussy and fell asleep on the couch.  It probably took about an hour and a half (or more!) to get ready, and we finally left around 8pm, when technically James should go to bed around 8:30-9, so it wasn’t ideal.  James had to carry Andrew to the van because he was asleep before we even left, so he didn’t see a single light, and the girls were still fussing (as in, full on crying) when we got to the van.  We thought they’d quiet down once we started moving, but Emily didn’t, so we had to go stop in a nearby parking lot and give her a bottle.  About 2 minutes into starting to drive again, Margaret was crying, and we had to stop along some residential street and feed HER a bottle.  It was ridiculous!  Finally, after a few more minutes of fussiness, I found a radio station that seemed to calm her down, and everyone was quiet.  So we got to chat, look at some lights (and even saw 2 coyotes cross the street in front of us!)

When we got home we got Andrew to bed (we’d put cookies out for Santa before we’d left, along with eggnog, and a carrot for Rudolph.  It was so cute because I told Andrew we should put out a carrot for Rudolph and he said, ‘We need the whole bunch, Mommy, because we have to give one to ALL the reindeer!’  Awww!)  Then James went to bed and I got the babies sorted for bed.  When I went for my first sleep shift, I could NOT fall asleep and just tossed and turned for several hours.  James was able to sleep through as the girls didn’t wake up – which made me get up around 2am because I was worried as to why they HADN’T woken up!  Ridiculous.  At about 3:30am, I had had about half an hour of sleep or something silly like that.  I just could not get to sleep!  We did some Christmas things that needed taken care of, and then right when I went back to bed around 4am, I heard Andrew get up.

James was able to get him back into bed right away, but he didn’t want to go back to sleep (of course not, it was Christmas day after all!)  I went and got him and said he could come sleep with me in our bed since it was a special occasion, and we’d get up a little later.  Of course, once in our bed he just pulled at my hair like he used to do when he used to sleep in our bed regularly, and he said he was ‘having trouble falling asleep.’  So was I, but I REALLY needed a bit of rest if I was going to get through the day.  So Andrew played some games on my iPhone, and I slept for about 2.5 hours total.  (Well, he played for an hour-ish, then got up, and was SO patient waiting for me to get up before opening presents, I was truly amazed!  No way would I have been that patient as a child!!)

When I got up Andrew opened his stocking.  I think his favourite thing in there was an Incredible Hulk mug.  He kept saying, ‘How did Santa KNOW I would want this?!  It’s AMAZING, how did he KNOW?!’  So cute!  Then we got some coffee made, James and I opened our stockings, and I fed the babies while James handed out presents.  Andrew got so much stuff, I can’t even begin to list it all.  He did get the one thing he asked Santa for – Batman 2 for Xbox 360.  We don’t have an Xbox but my parents do, and he’d been obsessed with the demo of it for a while so he was SO thrilled to get the whole game.  I got a video of him opening it and it’s priceless.  It was the last gift he opened!  Some others include games: Perfection, Spiderman Operation, Hungry Hungry Hippo.  He also got a Tonka truck, lots of books, a Magic Show set, clothes, and so much more.  James got me a really nice coat, and I got new slippers from Santa, among other things.  James got a new robe, some clothes, other small things, and from Andrew he got a cool book called ‘Darth Vader and Son’ which Andrew was SO excited to give him!  (Andrew gave me some Cranberry Joy liquid hand soap from Body Shop which he was equally excited to give!)

My parents came over in the early afternoon for a visit, and after they left I went and had a nap because I hadn’t got enough sleep by a long shot, and it was already catching up to me in a big way.  James’ mom came over for dinner.  James basically made the whole dinner (aside from his mom bringing some veggies to roast, and dessert).  I offered several times to help but James insisted on doing it himself and letting me relax, which was amazing.  Usually I take on SO MUCH on Xmas and feel exhausted and perhaps slightly resentful (though I try not to!) so it was a real treat for me to just get to sit back – well, hold babies/feed babies, but also sit back since the mil was helping out with the babies.  Andrew had a 2 hour nap after a huge meltdown!  Dinner was great (looove tofurky, for serious!) and then we had dessert and winded down.  Got Andrew to bed finally, and then James had to go to bed since he had to work today (Boxing Day…so not fair…but he took all his vacation days when the babies were born so he had nothing left and apparently Boxing Day isn’t a stat holiday – booo).

The day went by fast.  It wasn’t entirely relaxing just given our current lifestyle, but it was fun, particularly seeing it all through Andrew’s eyes!

Next up is Andrew’s 4th birthday…which is so crazy – how can he be turning FOUR already?!  We’re going to have his party on the 30th, and on his actual birthday (which James WAS able to book off by working extra on another day) we’re going to do something fun just us as a family.

But for now, a little baby Margaret is calling out for Mommy…

(Pictures of our Christmas to come...)


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