New year, new home!

I feel so far behind in my journaling, and at this point I’ll never catch up.  But at least I’m here now!!

A lot has been/will be going on, I feel so busy and so tired and unfortunately I have a splitting headache (and my period, which since the twins were 4.5 weeks old has been happening every 3-3.5 weeks…not sure how normal it is to be EARLY every month but it’s getting on my nerves the fact this is the 3rd one since they were born and they’re not even 3 months old yet!!)  (Sorry for TMI, but seriously!)


On the night of the 27th, James and I went and looked at 3 different townhouses to potentially move to.  Two were a little ways away from where we live now, and one is literally a hop, skip and jump away from our current place (ok, maybe not literally, but it takes 2 minutes TOPS to walk there from here!)  We liked the first one we saw, and the 3rd one.

We haven’t really had any other leads on places that fit our criteria (being a townhouse, having at least 3 bedrooms, bigger space in general, no one living above us, yard space, preferably a wood burning fireplace just because we love having one so much!)  Basically a place that we wouldn’t outgrow any time soon, since we want to plant our roots where Andrew will go to school and that sort of thing.  Plus moving is expensive, and with 3 small kids and no sleep these days, a pain in the you know what.

So anyway, we decided to seriously consider the two places we liked.  We almost had another viewing lined up but decided against it because ultimately we were leaning so strongly toward the 3rd place, the one that’s so close to where we are now.  The thing is, the other one is farther away, which means James would have to leave for work earlier and get home later.  He would also only have one bus option, so if he missed it he would potentially be home significantly later.  It’s also a ways up a hill, and since he’s hoping to bike to work in the spring/summer when it’s nice, he was worried he wouldn’t feel as inclined (no pun intended, haha!) to do so living there.  We know we like (love, really) the area we’re in now, so we knew taking place #3 would mean we’d be happy with our surroundings.  We’re not wanting to move because we’re sick of this place or the area, it’s out of necessity for more space.  So townhouse #3 felt like a right fit.

We were worried though, because even though our actual lease is up Feb 1st, we had already agreed with our landlord to bump it to March 1st.  Which would mean paying double + rent for TWO MONTHS, since the townhouse was ready for Jan 1st!  We knew we couldn’t swing that, so taking the place would mean an agreement with our landlord, and hopefully an agreement with the new one for a later move in date.

The stars aligned, because our landlord here agreed to Feb 1, and the landlord there agreed to Jan 15th, so we ‘only’ have to pay for an extra 2 weeks here, and ultimately it will be good to have that because it means not having to move right on the 15th, and having extra time after we move out to clean the place and whatnot.  Tomorrow morning we are going to sign the lease and put the deposit on the townhouse, so fingers crossed it all works out!  Part of me is super nervous because I sort of have my heart set on it, and if it falls through I’ll not only be disappointed but totally freaked out because we now have to be out by Feb 1!!!

If it works out, wow, I will be SO excited.  Also totally stressed because packing and then moving and unpacking is going to be somewhat hellish given how tired I am, and how little time I have where no one is needing me for anything.  I’m excited about setting up our new home, it’s just the process of getting there that seems daunting.  I basically will have about 2-3 weeks to get everything sorted, which is ample time if I didn’t have babies/kid/no sleep issues!!  But I know I’ll manage somehow. 

It’s CRAZY that we found something that met our criteria so quickly when it comes right down to it!  We probably could have afforded to look around some more, but realistically we wanted to stay in this area, so it just made sense to go with the one we’ve chosen.  It has a great layout, Andrew’s room will be bigger than his room here, the girls’ room (shared) will be big enough for the two of them, the master bedroom has not one but TWO walk-in closets, so we’ll for the first time EVER in our 14 years together have our own proper closet space, which is AWESOME!  There’s good storage, a large living space, wood burning fire place, not fenced in to my liking but good backyard space and private, there’s even a little front yard that’s enclosed that we might use for our outdoor table and chairs. 

The place is VERY dated, it’s quite 70s…and I don’t necessarily care for that.  I LOVE our amazing updated kitchen here, and I WILL be very upset to not have that anymore.  It’s possible I might even cry about it, I love it that much!  There is a really ugly (in my opinion) ‘decorative’ tile in the upstairs bathroom at the new place that is SO not my taste.  I hate the lighting fixture in the kitchen, and I don’t care for the countertops either!  Why are we moving there (most likely) you might ask?!  LOL  Well, because the pros far ourweigh the cons.  James and I both knew that we wouldn’t be able to afford a 3 bedroom UPDATED townhouse, so we knew we’d be looking at something along the lines of what we’re taking.  And, really, I’m OK with that.  Once we have all our stuff in there, we can make it our own, and work around the stuff we’re not fond of.  There really is so much to love about it.  It’s literally DOUBLE the space we have here, which makes me giddy with excitement!!  The day after James and I saw it, I took Andrew to see it in the afternoon because while of course it was our decision, we did want to see what he thought of it, too.  And he loved it from the minute he stepped inside.  He went running for the living room and said, ‘Whoooaaa, look at how BIG this living room is!’ and then he saw what he requested our next place have and exclaimed, ‘Mommy, look!  STAIRS!  IT HAS STAIRS!’  LOL

So hopefully it all works out and tomorrow we are able to secure the place so maybe my headache will go away and I’ll stop feeling like I’m getting an ulcer from the stress of it all!  I can’t stand not know where we’re going to be living, and I just want this settled.  It’s going to be SO exciting once we’re in there, I just wish we could speed the process along – though I know it’ll be happening in no time at all, the way time seems to be flying by lately.

Yesterday we went to see Cirque du Soleil, which was amazing of course…but I’d had a really rotten day leading up to going.  James had to work Saturday morning at the office in order to be given tomorrow off to celebrate Andrew’s bday.  So he had to leave for work at his normal time in the morning, which meant no sleep for me (or much for him, for that matter).  The girls were both quite…lively, shall we say, yesterday morning, so I felt so busy, yet had a bunch of things to get done before my aunt and uncle arrived to babysit them so I could head out.  Andrew had slept over at my parents’, so I had to pick him up and then we were skytraining downtown.  The plan was that my parents would meet up with us afterwards to drive us home, because I would need to pump milk before heading home since I can really only go a maximum of 4 hours (preferably) without pumping these days.  I’m actually trying to pump more frequently again because my supply might go down somewhat this next week or so, apparently due to a natural hormone change at around the 3 month mark?  Or so I’ve been told by mothers of multiples who have been there and done that! 

It was the mil who got the tickets for us to go to the show (with her and my bil but he didn’t end up going…that’s a whole other story I won’t even get into).  She bought them in late November and told us it would be our xmas present.  I had asked James how long a show it would be, as I can only go so long between feedings, and he had said he figured probably just over an hour-ish.  I figured that was doable as I could pump right before heading out (which I did) and then pump again right after the show in the van (or my parents’ car, although I ended up doing it at my bro and sil’s since they live close to the venue!)

I was in a fairly bad mood when Andrew and I arrived to meet up near the venue with James and his mom…but became irate when I was told that the show was actually 2.5 hrs long!  I had pumped at 1:45pm, as soon as I left to go get Andrew and head to the skytrain.  I had already realized that it would be extra long between feedings/pumping, but when I realized it would be about 6.5 hours, I was SO PISSED OFF.  I am usually not entirely outspoken in front of my mil, but I was fairly openly angry, and I said, ‘I’m not supposed to go more than 3-4 hours between pumping, I really shouldn’t have been going to this!’  Because as much as I appreciate the ticket to go, I really started to feel annoyed by it, truthfully, because it felt like it wasn’t even considered what my current situation is.  If she had thought about the fact that I’m nursing twins, perhaps before buying me a ticket she could have asked me if I felt I would feel comfortable with being away from the babies at this stage for such a long time (as it was, we were away for nearly 9 hours, which felt too long for me, truthfully.  I hadn’t anticipated that).  And of course, as expected, I experienced let-down and it soaked through my shirt, and so by the time I DID get to pump, it wasn’t coming out as it needed to/should.   And it REALLY pissed me off extra when, despite seeing how anxious I was upon finding out how long I’d be going without getting the milk out, my mil said, ‘Yeah, that prickly feeling when the milk needs to come out is funny, isn’t it?’  I said, ‘Actually it HURTS, and I’m going to be experiencing it in a few hours now.’   I enjoyed the show, but had a headache and just felt generally not-so-great, which was a bit of a shame.  But whatever…I think part of it, too, is just how tired I am and knowing how much I have to do in the near future.  The thing is, yesterday I also had today to be thinking about: Andrew’s 4th birthday party!

Tomorrow is Andrew’s actual birthday, but we wanted to save his day for ‘just us’ so it wouldn’t be so hectic, and with it being new year’s eve, not so complicated for other people who would want to be celebrating that instead of a birthday.  So we had a Tom and Jerry themed party, at Andrew’s request, with 9 guests.  I was feeling sick over the whole thing because just trying to go out to get the groceries for it felt like too much, so my parents ended up taking my list and picked up everything, including the cake I ordered.  Which was amazing, because if I’d had to do it all, honestly the way I’ve felt the past few days I would have had to cancel the whole thing. 

Andrew seemed to have a great time at the party.  He particularly enjoyed playing with some Super Mario cars he got from a cousin.  He also got a new bike, a big boy bike with training wheels, from me and James!   Tomorrow is his big day, and I’m looking forward to us having a family day, ‘just’ the 5 of us, to celebrate.

Happy new year!!


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