My strong babies

Well, I’m glad the Mayan calendar proved to be wrong, and the world has not come to an end.  I’m also glad the non-apocalypse didn’t turn into the zombie one that some people expected!  Holding both babies at once is getting harder as my little girls pack on the pounds, and I’m not sure how I’d fend off the zombies without a free hand!  (Though I could probably just get Andrew to do it for me, he’d know what to do, and given his obsession with ‘bad guys’, he’d probably have some fun with it!  lol

So last night I got more sleep than what I’d expected.  I went back for my 2nd ‘sleep shift’ at 5:30am, and usually I’d be up by 7:30 at the latest.  James woke me up at about 7:15 because Emily needed fed and he had to leave for work (taking Andrew downtown for the day, which is the only way extra sleep was possible for me!)  He brought Baby B to me in bed, so I nursed her and we both fell back asleep.  Margaret was asleep in the crib in the living room (yes, the crib is now in the living room…did I mention that already?!)  Margaret didn’t wake up till 10:30, so I slept till I heard her cries for milk!  Wow!!  I couldn’t believe it.

The only downside to getting the extra sleep is the milk engorgement…You don’t need the mental image, but I’ll give it to you anyway (consider it an early Christmas present, HAHA!) My left breast was so full that I kid you not, I literally had to CARRY it out to the living room to fetch Margaret!  LOL!!!  It was even starting to get lumpy, so there’s NO WAY I could sleep longer than I did without pain and the possibility of infection if any of the ducts got clogged.  Fun!!  Luckily Margaret fed like a champ and fixed the issue within about 10-15 minutes!  I fed Emily a little while later, and pumped, so there was a lot of milk delivery this morning.

It felt SO good to get that extra sleep.  I had a really bad headache last night that I still had when I got up, and for several hours, but the Tylenol finally is doing it’s job and I feel so much better.  I’m trying to get lots of chores done around here today, but I thought I’d take a little time to write my journal since I hate how little time I’ve had for it lately.

The girls are SO STRONG, it’s amazing to me.  Andrew was every bit as strong, if not stronger, by 2 months old – but that’s because he was so much bigger at birth.  I would have expected it from an over due baby, but not one month preemies!  But they’ve just grown so fast that I don’t think there’s any way anyone could tell they’d been born a month early.  Both of them do this but Emily in particular has taken to wanting to stand on my lap, and she pushes so hard with her legs that I am almost able to completely let go of her and she stands on her own.  Which is CRAZY, there is no way she should be able to do that yet!  She is also showing signs of being somewhat bored when she’s awake for long periods, not because we’re not trying to entertain her because I/we do.  But I think she either needs an exersaucer or the Jolly Jumper ALREADY (which is also crazy) because she needs to be working her legs more and doing something.  She can’t stand being idle when she’s awake!  Margaret tends to be fairly content to just lay there or sit on your lap and look around, and smile and she’s starting to make some ‘talking’ noises (whereas she was fairly silent before, other than her adorable little cry when she’s hungry).  But yeah.  We’ll have to look into getting an exersaucer soon.  No idea where we’ll put it since we’re already bursting at the seams here, but she’s going to need something like that to keep her busy!!

I love the girls so much, I can’t even express it.  And of course Andrew, we can never forget to include my precious baby boy!  I love that I can still refer to him as my ‘baby boy’ – even though of course he’s NOT a baby, he will always be MY baby boy, and being my only boy I can say that!  He has been so good with his sisters, and over all he’s been so patient and I think has made the transition of being #1 at all times to being 1 of 3 so amazingly well, I’m so proud of him.

I already can’t believe we ever lived without ALL our 3 kids.  I sometimes long for the amount of sleep I was able to get before having kids (like, every night when I’m pining for zzz’s!)  But I wouldn’t trade them in for all the sleep in the world, or anything else!  I look at our girls and wonder how on earth the world spun before they were here.  They definitely belong here with us, and I’m SO grateful that I was blessed with two babies at once.  It’s one wild ride, for sure, but so worth it.  I’m looking over at their two little heads pressed together while they enjoy a nice long afternoon snooze, and I am so in love just at the sight!


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