Babies...what else is there in my life right now?!

The babies are doing great, growing bigger every day, including their little personalities!  Margaret is so laid back and go with the flow, Emily is a little more high strung.  Emily grunts and makes faces like she’s either really pissed off or very fretful about something, whereas Margaret is quiet and looks reflective.  She’s fine (most of the time) to just lay there and look around, and Emily is, too, but her eyes are wider and she looks around a little more wildly!

Both girls are SO adorable, perfect beyond words.  I notice more and more that their eyes follow me when I walk away.  Last night I happened to glance their way as I was walking out of the room, and I noticed that at the exact same time, their heads turned to the side and their eyes were following me.  I love how in sync they are with each other!

I’d forgotten how babies start flailing their arms and legs uncontrollably.  They’ve started to do that recently (Emily more so than Margaret, but they both do it) and as they’re getting bigger, they sometimes flail their arms into each others' faces, which causes a bit of annoyance to the one getting hit.  Yet they do still love to cuddle up to each other, so they’ll just have to put up with the occasional smack on the cheek from their other half!

Last night James went out with some friends so I was on my own, which was fine, since I’m on my own during that time of evening usually anyway since it’s when he goes to bed.  The ‘issue’ is that it threw our entire sleep ‘schedule’ off, because it meant that James missed his first sleep of the evening, which is usually from around 8:30/9pm-midnight-ish.  He’d had an afternoon nap before going, so when he got home just before midnight he still took his ‘shift’ so I went to sleep.  But in order for us to both still get our usual minimum amount of rest, it meant that he wasn’t up for the day till 1:30 in the afternoon!  It just kind of sucks how we can’t really do anything these days.  Not that it’d be easy to go do anything with all our kids anyway, where we would have gone I don’t know, but I think I’m noticing how cooped up in the house I’ve been, and I wish we could be out doing more on the weekends.  We did, however, have my uncle’s significant other over to finally meet the girls, and she was as smitten as everyone who walks in the door!  And, I’ll add (in relation to my recent gripe about people coming over but somewhat making our lives more complicated in the process) she brought snacks and tea, which was totally AWESOME and appreciated!  And we didn’t even have to ask!  Score.

I’ve got a touch of the Sunday Night Blues because I’m basically on my own this next entire work week with the kids.  I love my kids dearly, but I’m oh-so-effing-tired, and at least if someone is able to help out with Andrew, I can rest a bit when the  babies are sleeping.  I just KNOW, already, how crazy exhausting this week is going to be, and how crazy exhausting my life is in general these days, and I want to hibernate just thinking about it.  Oh to get a decent amount of sleep on even a semi-regular basis, how glorious that would be…

Over all everything’s great, I’m just feeling an intense amount of pressure right now.  And for good reason.  I’m excited about Christmas, but it’s also a lot of work and I need to put more thought into it, but when do I find the time or the energy for that?  How do I realistically go out shopping??!  I can’t, really.  I don’t just have Xmas to consider, but Andrew’s birthday, and while we’re going to do something relatively low key for his special day, I still want to make it special.  I’m feeling ambitious and want to make him a cake that’s somewhat extravagant.  I don’t know that it’ll be able to happen, truthfully, but I’d like to try.

Baby duty (x2) calls…more later on this subject…


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