A visit with Santa

Written yesterday (yes, I'm trying to catch up on my blog posting today!!)

I’ve taken all 3 kids out on my own quite a few times, but only to go to my parents’ place, which I don’t think *really* counts, because it’s a 7 minute drive from underground parking lot to underground parking lot!  And I know when I get to my parents’ place, if any or all of the kids are fussy or need fed/changed or WHATEVER, it doesn’t matter.  A *real* outing, to me, is to a more public place or somewhere I don’t feel ‘at home’ – where it’s more of a process and potential gong show, depending on what the children decide to get up to!

So it felt like a really big deal to me to take all 3 kids on my own this morning to have their pictures taken with Santa.  I asked James if he wanted to be there to see them have their picture taken, in which case I’d have waited till one evening this week.  But he didn’t seem to care about being there (that’s guys for you – not saying no dads care to see Santa pictures, but I have friends whose husbands react the same as mine about it, just sayin’!) so I thought it would be better to go earlier in the day when it wouldn’t be as likely to be busy.  As it was, there were 4 people ahead of us, but I imagine evenings would be worse, and weekends?  Forget it!

I was only slightly nervous about how it might go.  I was in a good mood this morning and wanted it to be as pleasant an experience as possible, particularly for Andrew’s sake since ultimately he’s the only one of the 3 kids who knew what was actually going on!  I was excited about it, because I know how excited Andrew was.  Everything worked out feeding and changing wise that we were able to head out and be at the mall shortly after Santa’s shift started.  The 4 families ahead of us went fairly quickly and then it was our turn.  The girls were both asleep, although as soon as I handed Emily to Santa, she opened her eyes!  I don’t think Margaret opened her eyes at all, but she did manage to do the mother of all spit ups within seconds of Santa holding her, covering her entire My First Christmas bib, her pants, and Santa’s sleeve.  Yup, little Margot left her mark!!  It was somewhat humourous, I guess…nothing could be done about it, so we couldn’t help but just laugh it off, including Santa!

Andrew was going to sit beside Santa while he held the girls, but there was a rocking horse near Santa’s chair (that I noticed with the kids ahead of us was used for kids who were too scared to sit on Santa’s lap – which truth be told seemed to be every kid…and Andrew questioned WHY anyone would be afraid of SANTA, because don’t they know he comes down the chimney and brings PRESENTS?!  LOL!) so I suggested instead of being squished on the chair beside Santa (because it made it look like the girls were completely taking over the picture and Andrew would barely fit in it!) that he sit on the rocking horse, and he and Santa both loved the idea.  Margaret kept spitting up and had her hand partially in front of her face, but over all the picture turned out well!  Now to find the time to get lots of copies printed off so I can send it in our Christmas cards, which I also have to write out…So much to do, so little time, but I do want to get it all done before the holiday has come and gone.

I had hoped to get some Xmas shopping done before heading home, but Andrew wasn’t into that plan, so I let him play at the kid’s play area for 15 minutes and then we headed home once Emily was become inconsolable.  I will say it’s CRAZY the amount of people who comment on the fact that I have twins, and want to know if they are twins…Which couldn’t be more obvious, could it?!  I mean otherwise, what, did I bring my baby out and borrow a friend’s baby who happens to look very similar to mine, and I dressed them in identical outfits, and just so happen to have a double stroller with matching car seats to put them in?!!!  I do appreciate that people want to marvel at our beautiful babies, I do…but even while Andrew was having a mini meltdown because he’d finished his Julius and wanted more, AND Emily was sobbing, people STILL would stop me to chat about the twins!  Even Andrew was starting to get a bit tired of it – the last person who asked him, ‘Are you the big brother?’ he replied to saying, ‘YEEESSSSSSS!’ in a totally annoyed manner.  LOL  I shouldn’t laugh, I did try to talk to him about having more patience and recognizing that people just want to talk to us and compliment us, but looking back on it now, his reaction was pretty funny.  People mean well, but as they’re saying for the millionth time ‘You must have your hands full!’ sometimes I just want to say yes, and they feel even more full because it’s taking me longer to leave the mall than it did to be here for what we came here to do!!!

I know I sound bitchy, but I don’t mean it in that way!  Although I have every right to be bitchy if I want to be, because I’ve got my period FOR THE SECOND TIME since the babies were born – and they’re not even 8 weeks old yet!!!  AND I’m breast feeding!  So what gives?!  Why do some women get a year or more reprieve after childbirth, and I only got 4 weeks and now I’m practically MORE than totally regular since it came EARLY this month?!  Seriously, SERIOUSLY??!!!!!!!


I was really tired today, as always, and maybe even more so due to our outing and using more energy, but it was a good day, and I loved most of it.  Other highlights included teaching Andrew how to draw some Christmasy things, such as an Xmas tree, presents, and snowmen (he sometimes just scribbles and says that’s such n’ such, so it’s something to be teaching him how to draw things so people will actually know what it is!), playing hide and seek and tag with Andrew while the babies slept, and, of course, cuddling the girls and dressing them in cute outfits for photos!  Something I will never tire of =))


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