Our girls are 3 weeks old tomorrow!

I wish I had more time to document everything, I want to remember everything that’s happening in these precious early days of the twins’ lives (everything, that is, except the lack of sleep!!  That’s the one thing I can’t wait to put in the past FOREVER!)

Things are going really well.  The tiredness is VERY challenging, for both myself and James.  He is taking several night shifts, as am I – we’re basically 3 hrs on, 3 hrs off, sometimes a little less, last night a little more.  But basically I’m finding so far there is NO WAY I can deal with the babies all on my own through the night.  If I did, I literally would never sleep.  They feed CONSTANTLY.  They are gaining fast – I don’t know what they weigh right now but I’d imagine they’re getting close to 7lbs already.  They are definitely cluster feeding.  We can barely keep up!  Very rarely do we supplement with formula now, in fact pretty much not at all.  I bought some yesterday so we have it on hand just in case, but my milk production is pretty good at this point.  I just hope I can keep up with their demands!  I pump OFTEN, I should tally up a day’s worth of pumps so I know how many times I’m doing it, but I’d say on average maybe 10 times per day?  Not sure…It feels like a lot more!  It’s so tedious, and I wish I was just breast feeding, but it is what it is.  I’ve been tandem nursing a bit more the past few days, and have been successful at starting off with the nipple shields but taking them off and re-latching the babies so we’re properly skin to skin.  It feels so much more natural that way, which of course it is, but I also have to say it’s just so much nicer to not be using some sort of instrument, whether it be the shields or a bottle.  My goal is to hopefully get to a point (probably not for a few months, just to keep my supply up by pumping) where I’m exclusively breast feeding and only pump so someone can help me do the feedings so I can nap, but otherwise not be having to pump and sterilize bottles every five freaking minutes.  I’m not going to beat myself up if it doesn’t work out that way, although I have to admit I have been feeling some amount of anxiety this time around with nursing and how much more challenging it is with twins.  But we’ve made some progress at least, so at least there’s that.

The girls are just SO CUTE!  Yesterday Andrew threw his hand up to his forehead, tilted his head back, and said, ‘The babies are just too cute for words!’  It was so adorable hearing him say that!  And of course I have to agree.  They are little cuddle bugs.  Emily is definitely proving to be the more high strung baby, and makes goat noises pretty much all the time when she’s sleeping in the bassinet.  If she’s sleeping on someone, she still has her moments but for the most part she’s content, but when you put her down she can be a little fuss budget.  Then you go over to the bassinet thinking you’ll have to pick her up to console her, and she’s fast asleep!  She’s adorable nonetheless, and getting quite pudgy!  Not surprising given she sucks back several bottles in each feeding, taking in around 6 ounces or so per feed, sometimes more!  It’s like she knows when a bottle is almost empty and she gets anxious till she sees another full one at her disposal.
Can you tell who's who here?!
Margaret, on the other hand, is so calm, cool, and collected!  At least the majority of the time.  She’s a pretty laid back baby.  She rarely wakes up when Emily is groaning and grunting right beside her in the bassinet.  She has a better latch with her feeding, eats without jacking around, and either goes back to sleep or opens up her big blue eyes and looks around.  Emily is very alert, too, and does better at tummy time than her sister so far.  Yesterday I put them down for tummy time and Margaret wasn’t thrilled about it because she was hungry, but Emily had just fed so she was content, and actually started lifting her head up to look around.  They both have really strong necks already, given how small they are.  When they’re rooting around for a nipple when I first pick them up, they will bob their heads up and down looking, and I’m amazed at their strength!

I’m so in love with the girls, and Andrew continues to be so good with them.  He has his fussy moments for sure, and tries our patience because we’re SO tired and he whines and cries more than the babies do – vying for our attention and making demands.  But I shouldn’t complain, because over all everything is going so well as we transition to being a family of 5.  It’s not easy with twins, that’s for sure, but it’s special, and I keep looking at them in awe that I was able to create two beautiful babies in less time than it can take to make just one!  Even though I feel mental at times, and overwhelmed, I love that we have our twin baby girls.


Trista said…
I love reading your updates. i cannot even begin to imagine how exhausted you feel. if I try to, and multiply by two the tiredness I felt when we first had Cade (or even triple, since you have Andrew too!), that is just INSANE!!!! They are beautiful.. so beautiful.. and gaining so well, that is AWESOME!

and one more thing.. CONGRATULATIONS and an amazing thing you are doing breastfeeding and pumping soo much. that's awesome Elizabeth! it's not easy at all, especially when there's challenges, it makes it that much harder, and when you're feeding two little darlings, wow! so good on ya.. you are incredible. xo.

love to you all! (Andrew is sooo cute how he loves his sisters so much and is soo good with them!)

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