Nursing vs pumping and other stories...

I wrote this yesterday...never really finished it, but I'll never have time to, so here it is anyway!

Right now Margaret and Emily are sleeping on Daddy’s chest (and he’s sleeping too, with Fifi sleeping on his feet!)  Andrew is watching a Curious George Christmas show…and I’m drinking some tea that’s meant to help boost breast milk production…Fun!  I don’t ‘need’ my supply to go up, but I figure it can’t hurt to drink the stuff anyway, just in case!

The nursing vs. pumping and bottle feeding is my only real ongoing ‘issue’ (sleep deprivation aside, since ultimately there’s nothing that can be done about that one!)  I’m nursing a lot more, so when I pump I’m not getting as much most of the time.  Which is fine…but isn’t when it comes time that I want someone else to feed the babies for me.  I need a stock of milk so other people can help me out, particularly James at night time…or if I want to go out anywhere to run errands, etc.  It’s so complicated, and I wish it didn’t have to be.  I think sometimes I’m just over-worrying, and it’s probably because I’m so tired – I can’t think as clearly as I would otherwise.  But I’m thinking of trying a new approach, where I only pump maybe 4 times in a 24 hr period, and see how that goes.  First thing in the morning, in between nursing around lunch time-ish, before bed, and maybe once through the night.  I normally pump more like 8-10 times per day, so I really want to scale that right back and see how it goes.  Of course, that means nursing a lot more, too, to make up for when I’d normally pump and bottle feed.  See – complicated!!!  But we’ll get there…I have to remind myself that I WANT to be nursing the babies, and the fact that they’re taking so well to it now is a good thing.  They are more and more turning up their noses at the bottle and latching on to me, which I notice calms them right down.  I tried pumping this morning at one point, and I was getting NOTHING from one side, but about 15 minutes later latched one of the babies onto that side (I already can’t remember which baby it was – LOL) and immediately could tell the baby was getting a ton of milk.  So I wonder if my body is telling me something – that pumping is artificial and I should be nursing the babies the natural way instead!

Today we took Andrew for a walk to the park, so the babies went for their first visit to this particular neighbourhood playground.  It felt so good to get out for some fresh air and exercise.  It feels like such a process to get everyone ready to go out, so sometimes I just don’t bother because I’m too tired to go through it all.  But when I do, and we’re out there, it feels great to be out of the house and getting a little change of scenery.

Which reminds me, James and I went and looked at a townhouse for rent the other night.  I had somewhat high hopes, it was available in January so a month before we actually want to move, but we could have done it anyway.  But we got there and the only way to the suite was by taking about 10 stairs, which obviously won’t work for me with the double stroller!  I also didn’t like the suite very much, so it all worked out for the best in that sense (it would have sucked if I’d fallen in love with the place but knew we couldn’t live there because of the lack of a ramp to get to it).  It actually made me stressed a bit looking at the place, because it made me realize how much I really do love our current place.  There’s so much about it that I don’t want to give up.  How private the yard area is, how quiet the surroundings are, the fireplace, the updated kitchen…I love it here so much.  We’re just outgrowing it, and fast.  The girls are going to be out of the bassinet in a matter of days, they’re too big to be in it together.  We will need a second crib in a couple of months for sure because they won’t fit in that together either for long!  We HAVE to move, I just feel so much pressure to find the right place because I want to stay in our next place for a long time.  I REALLY hope we can find a multi-level townhome with at least 3 bedrooms, a fireplace, and an enclosed yard space.  Is that so much to ask??!!!

James and I are both coming down with colds so that kind of sucks…But otherwise things are going well.  I’ve had lots of visitors the past little while, and though it can be tiring having people over sometimes, it’s been really nice having the company and people to chat with.


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