Never a dull moment...

I feel like I have so little time to myself these days.  Probably because I truly don’t!  When I have a spare moment that’s really just ‘mine’ I’m either bathing or sleeping.  Sad, but true – only the absolute essentials get attended to these days.

I have a really bad cold that I think is partly a flu bug as well.  I’m starting to feel a bit better, but it’s been a rough week.  The exhaustion has been to the max, to the point that at times I get a dizzy feeling, as if I’m standing over top a parking lot or something – you know how sometimes in a store it will feel like you’re shaking a bit, and it’s because there’s a parking lot underneath?  Only whenever it has happened I’m at home, and while technically there IS a parking lot underneath us, come to think of it (LOL, seriously!), I KNOW it doesn’t make anything feel shaky.  It’s literally the exhaustion causing it.

Other than that, life is just peachy!!  I really am enjoying the girls, despite how tiring they are (even though they don’t really do anything yet, so they shouldn’t seem as exhausting as they do!)  They are just so cute and chubby and sweet and loveable.  Today Andrew was dancing to some music and the girls took turns on my lap bobbing to some songs.  They particularly seemed to enjoy Kid Cudi and Missy Elliott.  Train (Drive By) was another favourite!  So cute. 

I’ve been loving dressing them up in all their cute outfits, but my gawd are they outgrowing things quickly.  It’s CRAZY actually, how big they’re getting so fast.  I put them in some onesies today for 3-6 months, and they were a perfect fit.  I put Emily in a 0-3 month onesie after she did some business that soiled her bigger onesie, and it took some effort to force the snaps over her diaper, that’s how tight it was!  They will be 7 weeks old this Sunday.  Taking after their brother, obviously, as I remember he was wearing 9 month outfits at 9 weeks old!!  My big babies!

It’s taking some getting used to, but I’m getting a bit better at major multi-tasking.  I still have to get stuff done around here, not to the extent that I would normally have things, but I do have to ‘keep house’, especially considering how often we have guests these days, since everyone wants to visit the babies.  So I have to do everything I did when I only had one child, and I thought I was tired then!  HA!!  I also have to put the effort in to spend proper quality time with Andrew throughout the day when the babies are sleeping, because I find as soon as I make him a lesser priority, he starts to act out.  Which makes sense, but it’s also very frustrating and something I want to avoid.  Also, of course, I do WANT to spend quality time with Andrew, so it’s not just about ‘making an effort’ for his sake, it just takes effort in the sense that there is so much to do and so little time, and I’m finding myself working on ways to better prioritize things so that everything gets done.  Some days it makes me feel like I’m going to collapse by 8 in the morning, but today it seemed to go much smoother, despite the way I’m feeling with the bug I’ve got.

Andrew’s current obsession is playing the board game Sorry!  He LOVES it.  Wants to play it every chance he gets.  Usually we’ll oblige (when we can) and do a  round of 3 games throughout the day as a sort of ‘tournament’ and he’s happy with that.  He’s not too keen on losing at this point…we’re working on teaching him to be a good sport and play ‘for fun’ not just to win!  But it’s a lot of fun playing games as a family – the other night the babies were both asleep so James and Andrew asked me to join them for a round, and it took me back to growing up and having Friday night game nights with my family.  We had so much fun on those nights, and I loved thinking how now I’m doing that with MY family, and when the girls are older how fun will it be for us to have family game nights together?!  I love it.

TGIF (just about).  Or, rather – TGITW – thank gawd it’s the weekend!!!!!  We can take longer sleep shifts, or at least more of them, and maybe not be quite as zombie-fied.  Wouldn’t that be nice?!  My grandma’s coming over for the weekend, and we’re going to be visiting my bro and sil, so everyone will be holding babies and marvelling at how much they’ve grown in the past few weeks!

It’s challenging with two babies, because a lot of times they both need things at the same time – to be fed, to be burped, to be held.  But they’re such good babies, and relatively patient, I think!  And it hasn’t taken as much getting used to as I thought, figuring out who to help first or how to give them both ‘equal’ attention.  You just sort of do it, somehow, and it works!  They probably spit up more than they should because the tandem burping isn’t going so well now that they’re getting so much bigger!  But these are things I can work on!  It’s a lot of hard work but I already see the pay off of having twins.  I love them both so much.  And Andrew, while he has his moments these days for sure, is such a great big brother.  Today he was really helpful, and kept wanting to give his sisters kisses and just pat their heads or touch their cute little fingers.  I love watching him with them!  He wanted to hold them today so I put them on his lap for a picture and he said, ‘Ewwww, hurry up Mommy, get them off me, GET THEM OFF ME, THEY STIIIIIINK!’  Sure enough, someone needed a diaper change (I won’t mention names!)  LOL  One thing’s for sure, there is never a dull moment in this household these days!


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