My sweet boy

One of the challenges of having an older child when you have babies is making sure the older child has what he needs, too.  There have been times where I’ve sat down, latched Margaret on for a feed, and start bottle feeding Emily, and suddenly Andrew tells me he’s hungry or thirsty.  I feel helpless because to unlatch the babies from their food sources would be chaos, not to mention frustrating to have to start the process of all over again.  I’ve had to explain to Andrew that it will just be a little longer and then I’ll get him whatever he needs.  He’s usually fairly patient about it, but other times not so much.  It can get very stressful!

So yesterday morning, before he was even up, I put a Yop over by the TV, as well as a banana and a blueberry muffin.  I figured that way he’d have some options when he got up if I wasn’t able to get up at the time to help him with breakfast.

Well, I couldn’t have expected the reaction that I got!  When he got up, he spotted the Yop right away and went over and had a sip.  He commented on how there was a Yop there on the ready for him, and I said, ‘Yes, and there’s also a banana and a muffin there for you, too.’  He smiled all enthusiastically and said, ‘Wow, you’re such a nice Mommy!  You got me 3 things, and they are all things I really like!’  I thought that was so sweet of him to say, and it made me smile when I’d been feeling a little frazzled from how tired I was.  I love moments like that!

There was another one a week or so ago where Andrew had woken up in the night and I was beyond tired and was just about to head back to bed when he called out, ‘Mooooommmmmmyyyyyy!’  I was annoyed and it reflected in my voice when I said, ‘What??’  I went to him and he said, ‘I love you, Mommy!’ in such a sweet, genuine voice – and I couldn’t help but feel a little guilty for sounding annoyed with him.  He has his moments of being a little terror these days, but those little moments totally make everything worthwhile.


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