Loving our baby girls...and our boy, too!

 I wrote this yesterday but didn't get a chance to post it till now...

There are so many things I’m forgetting to document because by the time I get a chance to do anything, I don’t have the energy to write.  I need to work on that…I really want to keep a good record of everything like I did when Andrew was a newborn.  It’s so much more complicated with 3 kids, who knew?!!

Last night Andrew slept over at his Nana’s, which made the night a little easier for us.  We still worked in shifts, but since the girls were in sleep mode when Andrew would normally have us up in the morning, we were both able to get some sleep at that time.  James lucked out and ended up getting a better solid chunk of sleep than the usual these days, I more so got my new ‘normal’ totally broken sleep, but part of that is because of the logistics – mainly the fact that I have to pump milk even when the babies are asleep.

I’m VERY happy to say that tandem nursing is happening on a daily basis now, and several times a day!  Both Margaret AND Emily have a strong latch, I am officially DONE with the nipple shields, thank goodness.  I feel so good about our progress.  What it comes down to is the fact that the babies are getting so much bigger and stronger, so their latches are better.  I’m SO happy to be tandem nursing, even though it’s complicated, and I wonder how it will work when they’re bigger than they are now.  It’s just nice to be nursing them – sometimes I nurse one if just one is fussing for food.  I feel so much better about giving them ‘the boob’ rather than bottles, I can’t quite explain it.  It’s breast milk in the bottles too, but it just feels more natural, and what I was used to with Andrew.  I really feel like we’re making good progress.  Still a ways to go, no doubt about it, but the more I think about it…we’re only 5 weeks in (as of today!) so I’d say we’re doing pretty darn well, all considered!

This afternoon I was just marvelling at our little girls.  James had gone out to get a few things from the store and go for a bit of a bike ride, so it was just me and the little ladies.  I did a photo shoot of them in these ridiculous hats that my mil’s sister sent for them (they look very Dr. Seuss-eque!) and then I got them into little outfits and gave them some tummy time.  Then I was holding Margaret because she was a bit fussy, whereas Emily was happy to just lounge on her belly for a while, so I put some music on and had Margaret ‘dancing’ to the tunes.  She was actually pushing with her legs really hard as if to practice standing, which is ridiculous at 5 weeks old (one week adjusted age, although truthfully I don’t really want to do the whole ‘adjusted age’ thing, because I think it’s somewhat silly, personally).  I got a little video of her bobbing her head to a Missy Elliot song – LOL.  I’m having so much fun with our girls!

It helps that my sleep was slightly better last night, and not having to cater to the boy as well this morning (as much as I DO adore him and in some ways missed having him here!) meant more time to relax – so I was in better spirits.  I enjoyed just sitting on a blanket with the babies, watching them, singing to them, and enjoying cuddling them.  It’s so amazing having two little babies, I don’t know when I’ll ever stop thinking, ‘WOW, I have TWO babies!’ Well, I guess when they’re not babies anymore I’ll stop saying that, but really, they will always wow me…then again, so does Andrew, I can’t leave him out because I still marvel at his greatness on a daily basis, too =)


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