I could use a nap, but I'm otherwise happy!

Today James’ biological dad and half sister came over to meet the babies.  They were absolutely smitten with the girls, naturally!  And I enjoyed showing them off =)  It was a really nice visit, and it made me wish we all lived closer, because they are such down-to-earth, genuinely kind people.  In-laws I could see myself spending more time with, if given the opportunity.  Unfortunately Papa G lives in Kingston, Ontario, and E lives in Victoria, so we don’t really get together very often.

The girls are growing in leaps and bounds.  Their preemie clothes are getting tight, and I dressed them in these really cute newborn outfits yesterday and even they seemed like they won’t fit for long.  Crazy!  They are pudging right up!  It’s pretty adorable, though, and I love knowing they are eating well and are healthy.  It’s just that they are growing so fast, and given they are the last newborns I’ll ever have, it’s kind of sad to know how short the newborn stage is going to be.  They’re still smaller than Andrew was at birth, though, so I know we have some time left before they’re ‘big’ babies!!

The only way I could be more tired than I am is if I had triplets instead of twins.  Thank GAWD I didn’t have triplets, is all I can say!!!!  I love my baby girls though, they are just so freaking CUTE and CUDDLY and I love every little thing about them.  They have such big personalities for such little girls, although I’m still finding it hard to put their personalities into words.  Last night I was so exhausted that I was truly having a difficult time dragging myself out of bed when the monitor went off (for 2 nights now we’ve had them in the bassinet in the living room with the monitor on to only hear their ‘real’ cries, so we can try to get a bit more sleep than we were getting before) – but then once I was holding them, I couldn’t help but be overjoyed because I’m just so glad they’re here.  I won’t deny that the exhaustion is overwhelming – even though I think my hormones are mostly back to normal, I cry sometimes just because of how tired I am because it really does knock one’s sails down!  But despite those overwhelming moments, I’m so happy. 

Tomorrow my mom and my aunt are going to come over, so the hope is that between the two of them they’ll be able to manage all 3 kids, and I’ll be able to have a decent nap.  That’s one of the (many) challenges with twins – it’s not realistic to suggest one person could handle both babies AND Andrew.  I’m sure they COULD, but it seems an overwhelming task to anyone who’s never had twins.  I know I can handle it because I have to, given they’re my children!  But it’s not the same for other people, whereas if we had one baby and Andrew, it wouldn’t seem like such a big deal.  But oh well, we knew that would be the case!  It’s going to be challenging in many ways, but so rewarding, too, which I know will make the difficulties all worthwhile.

Best go before they wake up again for another feed!


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