Getting with the times

Today I got a new phone – the iPhone 4S.  Yay, finally I’m getting with modern times!  My old cell phone served me well, but let’s put it this way – it could only store about 50 pictures at a time!  And extremely poor quality at that.  I’m excited to use a lot of the iPhone features, and just be up on more modern technology. 

It’s sooo expensive compared to my old phone plan though, WOW.  Because of that, we’ve decided to get rid of our land line.  Which I know will sound silly, but I’m kind of sad about.  It was James’ phone number when we lived in residence at SFU, so before we were even a couple.  When we decided to move in together, James let me choose whether we went with his phone number or mine for our new place.  I chose his because it had a better ring to it (no pun intended, Ha!)  It feels weird for some reason, to get rid of that number now.  At the same time, it’s $20 a month that we don’t really need to be spending for the sake of sentimentality.  It’s weird that we’ll have separate numbers only now, but obviously I need to get more with the times, because that’s the way of it!

I’ve suddenly realized that Christmas is looming…and I say ‘looming’ because it feels sort of like that.  On the one hand I’m excited about it – it’s the girls’ first Christmas, and Andrew is going to be more excited than ever this Christmas given his age.  But I’m tired enough as it is, and now I’m supposed to redecorate our place for the holidays, and go Christmas shopping?!  Aaaahhhh!!

To make things a little simpler, I plan to decorate a little more minimally than we usually would.  And we won’t be going crazy with Christmas presents this year, in part because I don’t have much time to shop given how awkward it is to shop with the kids, and because it’s crazy to spend money we don’t really have on gifts people don’t really want or need.  We’re not going Grinch or anything, but we’ve got to be more mindful, which I think is a better approach anyway.  Not quite so consumerist!  That being said, I’m excited about what we’ve decided to get Andrew for Xmas and birthday. 

It’s just hard to believe we’re a month away from Christmas, and 6 days later Andrew will turn 4.  Where does the time go?! 


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