Amazing what a little sleep can do...

I can’t believe how fast our baby girls are growing!  I’m going to look into taking them to a clinic to get them weighed, because I’m really curious where they’re at.  I’m going to guess that Emily is upwards of 8lbs already, although I could be wrong…and I’d say Margaret is over 7, although she’s definitely not nearly as pudgy as her little sister!  Her cheeks have filled out, and they’re looking more alike with how chubby their faces are, but Margaret is definitely smaller (and has been since before birth!)

Last night I was feeling so positive and happy, and I’m glad to say that it stuck with me and I had a really good day today because of it.  Unfortunately Andrew decided to max out his trying of my patience, and things got a little hairy there for a while, but we went over to my mom’s and I found it helpful to have an extra pair of hands for baby holding, and different entertainment for the boy.  I ended up having a good nap while we were there – I took Margaret into the bed with me since she’s the quiet sleeper of the two, and when she fussed a little bit, I was easily able to latch her on for nursies and then we’d both go back to sleep.  It worked perfectly, and I think I slept for almost 2 whole hours!  It totally rejuvenated me, which was so good because in the early afternoon I was already so tired that I got the feeling I can only describe as my nervous system shutting down – that’s seriously what it feels like!  Not good at all. 

We picked James up at the skytrain after work and came home together, which was nice, and I quickly made some spaghetti, we ate, James and Andrew played a few games while James also fed the babies their bottles, and I had a shower.  Then we got Andrew ready for bed, I read him a few stories and tucked him in, and after getting the babies somewhat sorted, James went to bed at 9.  It totally SUCKS how early he has to go to bed in order for our sleep ‘shifts’ to even somewhat work for both of us.  I HATE IT.  I miss us spending time together in the evenings, I feel like some days we barely even get to talk much about our days.  We do make an effort to, but it just feels rushed and I wish we could have more quality time together.  BUT, it will happen with time, and I know our ‘routines’ will change as the babies decide to mix things up anyway!

I had energy tonight, so I got some laundry folded (oh gawd, the laundry, I am FOREVER doing laundry now it seems!), did a really good clean of the kitchen and rearranged things a bit to make better sense of where the bottles and accessories for bottles are kept, which I thought would make more sense closer to the sterilizer that I use 10,000 per day.  I also tidied up a couple of the kitchen drawers that were getting out of control messy.  I’ve been pretty good at keeping on top of most of the chore stuff around here despite the chaos of all the children we have now, but at the same time I make sure that the kids come first and not the chores, so I do let some things go that I would have been fairly uptight about before.  I remember my midwife with Andrew saying that he won’t stay a small baby for very long, so hold him and enjoy him and the other stuff won’t matter in the long run anyway.  I totally agree – while obviously stuff still has to get done, it’s not the top priority.  That said, it felt good to get some cleaning ‘therapy’ in tonight!

Emily is SO alert now, more today than ever.  She spent hours at my parents’ house alert this afternoon, and only slept for the ride home but then was awake again for several hours.  She loves to look around at everything.  Margaret does, too, you can tell she’s taking it all in when she chooses to, but she definitely sleeps more (and sleeps better) than her sister.

Tonight I had both girls propped up on the boomerang pillow, feeding Margaret a bottle and Emily was sleeping cuddled up beside her.  Margaret needed a burp, so I lifted her up and was holding her to my chest to burp her, and literally as soon as I’d moved her, Emily made this really upset face (while seemingly still asleep) and threw herself sideways to cuddle up to her sister again!  I swear it was on purpose, she knew what she was doing.  It didn’t make sense for her to be laying sideways to be close to Margaret’s legs, so I picked her up and put her beside her sister on my chest, and Emily put her arm around Margaret and held onto her, and instantly they were both asleep and seemed so content together.  I LOVE moments like that.  It’s absolutely incredible watching our twins together, I don’t think I’ll ever get over how amazing their bond has been since day one.


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