October sunshine

Today James went out to run an errand and said it was way too nice out to be cooped up indoors all day.  We were going over to my parents’ later in the day for a ‘pizza party’ with my bro and sil (instead of celebrating Thanksgiving in the traditional sense since I couldn’t deal with celebrating it this year…after what happened last year) so we weren’t out for long, but we took Andrew up to the park at Burnaby Mountain.  He brought his remote control car, which seemed to be a hit with him AND a few of the other kids there.

I couldn’t walk far, but I couldn’t sit for long on the picnic bench, either.  So after sitting for a bit, I decided to waddle over to the rose garden to take some pictures.  I’ve really missed going for nature walks this fall, taking pictures of all the pretty leaves and fall colours.  It’s something I’ve enjoyed doing every year, but this year obviously my body isn’t up to it.  So it was nice to at least get some pictures of the pretty rose blooms before they all die off.  What AMAZING weather we’ve been having for October, it’s incredible – I really hope it lasts a while yet!

Nothing more to say at the moment, I just wanted to share a few pictures from this unseasonably warm and sunny October day!


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