My bestest boy in the whole wide world

Andrew is SUCH a good boy, and I’m sure he is going to be an amazing role model for his little sisters.
Yesterday my mom needed a ride to several appointments, and they were quite far away from home (about an hour’s drive each way).  Luckily Andrew had his iPod, which of course helped pass most of the car ride to the first destination before he got somewhat bored of that.  It was SO CUTE listening to him singing songs from the iPod, including Crossing a Canyon by 54-40, Dynamite by Taio Cruz, I Get Around by The Beach Boys, Hi Friend by DeadMau5, Seagulls by Great Big Sea, and Artillery by Infected Mushroom – quite a diverse mix!  (He doesn’t know all the words to the songs, but he’s getting there).  He was also content to just chat, look out the window and talk about what’s out there. 

When we were in the waiting room at the first appointment, he happily went through his sticker book that I brought for an ‘activity’, had a little snack, and then suggested (after hearing me mention the possibility to my mom) that he and I just go wait in the van till after her appointment.  He didn’t fuss at all, and while we were in the van we had another snack and talked a bit about what some of the different buttons and things on the dashboard do.  Then I suggested we pass some time watching a show on the iPod, which we did for a while, but then Andrew suggested that I play a game on it, instead.  I said, ‘If I’m playing with the iPod, what are you going to do?’  He threw his hands up the way he sometimes gestures when he talks and said, ‘I’m just going to sit back and relax!’  LOL

He napped on the way to the next appointment, and most of the way home, and then went and spent a few hours at my parents’ house so I could have a rest.  He was just such a good boy – it was a lot of travelling and waiting, and a 3 year old can’t be expected to have much patience in that type of situation, but he was SO GOOD.  I appreciate his good-naturedness so much.  Of course he DEFINITELY has off days, as we all do, and you can never really predict when it will be a good day or a bad one that way – but the vast majority of his days are good ones for sure. 

I love what a sweet and thoughtful and compassionate boy I have!


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