Life with twins...

I’m writing this with 2 babies cuddled up on my chest.  I have a ‘my brest friend’ pillow and it not only helps to support babies, but also works as a place to hold my laptop!  Not something I can do when they’re latched to the breasts, but when they’re curled up in their fetal positions sleeping close to me, it works.

Breast feeding is starting to improve.  It’s still challenging with two at once, but they’re latching better (with the nipple shields still, although I hope to stop using them within a week or so).  I’ve been tandem nursing a lot more and it’s going really well.  Emily still has a weaker latch than Margaret but she eventually gets on.  I’m also able to pump quite a lot from each side and actually have quite a supply in the fridge that we might even start freezing, so it’s a good sign in terms of what I’m able to produce.

It’s the EXHAUSTION that is the biggest challenge of all.  It’s INSANE how tiring this all is.  They sleep a lot but of course not for any real length of time, and I have to either breast feed or pump every 3 hours, sometimes both, so that alone takes it’s toll on me.  I have to wolf food down when I get a chance because there just isn’t much time to refuel myself with looking after everyone else.  Of course James is a huge help and has been doing so much for me and has so much patience about it all, but he’ll be back to work next week and I’m getting REALLY overwhelmed thinking about what that’s going to mean for me.  I don’t know how I could be any more tired than I am now without dying so it freaks me out to think I really WILL be more tired soon.

Today we all ventured out to the grocery store and did a shop.  The girls slept through the entire thing!  We got a lot of attention with having the twins with us.  So many people ask ‘Are they twins?’  Ummm, no, they’re just two tiny babies that look similar and have matching outfits on.  Coincidence only!  LOL  OR they ask, ‘Is it two girls?’  Meanwhile they both have bright pink hats on and girly blankets.  People mean well, and I’m not upset that they think our babies are cute, but some of the things people say are a bit ridiculous!

Margaret and Emily had tummy time a little while ago.  Emily seemed pretty chill about it, just laid there looking around.  Margaret flailed her legs back and cried, I don’t think she was too impressed!  But they’ll get the hang of it.

I don’t think I’ll ever tire of just staring at them and their adorableness, and the ways they cuddle up to each other.  I didn’t know quite how precious twins could be together till I had mine!  It’s the sweetest thing ever watching them cuddle.  And Andrew is so good with them, he held each of them separately after their tummy time and was so thrilled to be able to do that.  He’s even better with them than I had imagined he’d be.

Oh and they had their first doctor’s appointment yesterday and have both nearly got back to their birth weights so they’re right on track!  The doctor seemed very impressed with how they’re thriving and said that based on being twins and being premature, there should have been more issues than there were but they are SO healthy, and a better weight than twins usually would be born at 36 weeks.  So I felt really good about that.  They’re absolutely perfect, what can I say?!


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