First day on my own with twins...sort of

Today I was on my own for the day with the girls for the first time.  Although I wasn’t on my own entirely, because I took them over to my mom’s for a couple of hours in the afternoon.  The day actually went really well, although I was so tired by early evening that I once again felt like my nervous system was seizing up.  I really totally forgot how truly horrible sleep deprivation is…

Getting to my mom’s went smoother than I’d thought.  I was pretty efficient in packing up all I needed to take for the outing, and got the girls sorted in record time.  Luckily my parents live so close by, so it’s not a far drive in case one or both babies decides to cry.  They’re mostly quiet in the car, the motion seems to put them to sleep, but I also used pacifiers to help out…Which isn’t something I’d do habitually in the sense that I will NOT have them be older babies and still sucking on a soother (it’s a pet peeve you could say) but at this stage, sometimes you have to look at it as ‘whatever works’!!

It’s going to be so challenging when I’m on my own with all 3 kids though.  Last night’s sleep was horrendous – I got under 2 hours total and James got 5 hours BUT was up from 2am on, and that doesn’t work well for him then putting in a full day’s work.  I was able to go back to sleep at 7:30am with the girls and we didn’t wake up till 9:30, so I at least got that added rest, but if Andrew had been home I wouldn’t have had that luxury.  We’re still working out the kinks in terms of everyone getting enough rest…

One great thing is that the swelling in my feet is FINALLY gone.  I don’t think I mentioned it before, but with all the fluids/drugs I was pumped with during my delivery and afterwards, I ended up with terribly swollen feet a day or so later, and it got worse and worse before getting better.  I’d read it was a side effect so I wasn’t entirely surprised it happened, but it was so uncomfortable!  I’d never had swelling in my pregnancies so I’d never experienced swollen feet before.  Ugh!  So glad I didn’t have to deal with that during the pregnancy too.  I’m finally feeling back to normal and have my ankles back!!

Time to put Margaret, who was on a feeding FRENZY tonight, into the bassinet with her sister (who’s starting to make noise like SHE wants more food…go figure…) and get ready for bed before their next milk drinking competition begins!  I have to do everything quickly while I think I might have a moment to do it.  This morning I needed to go to the bathroom and desperately wanted to brush my teeth/put my contacts in…it was a good 2 hours after getting up before I was able to do any of those things!  I did manage to do it all and then some, but I have to get used to what a production it all is!  Never a dull moment around here these days =)


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