Feels like it won't be much longer...

My sleep is getting worse each night.  It doesn’t help that my cold is at its worst, either.  Last night was horrendous.  I might have had a total of 2 hours broken sleep, if that.  Each night my nightmares are getting worse, and my sleep is so restless.  I wake up in so much pain, with the need to roll over to try to alleviate it somewhat, but it’s SO HARD to roll myself over.  The sciatic pain is ridiculous.

Last night I thought I had a few contractions.  Probably 3-4 but quite spaced out through the night.  They were very mild, but strong enough to wake me up and I couldn’t concentrate till they stopped (lasting maybe 20-30 seconds).  I started getting really worried that I might be in labour, which of course caused my sleep to get even worse.  By morning I was questioning whether they really were contractions, or if I was just so exhausted from not being able to sleep that the ‘normal’ aches and pains of this pregnancy were just more pronounced.  It’s really hard to say.  I haven’t felt anything contraction-like so far today, so hopefully it was just Braxton-Hicks, or maybe my imagination!  As desperate as I am to get these babies out so I don’t have to feel this uncomfortable anymore, I know it’s better for them to stay in a bit longer.

I really hope this cold starts to ease up soon.  It’s just been getting worse and worse each day.  Pleeeeease let today be it’s worst because I don’t know how much more I can take!  I think I’m also worried I’ll go into labour while feeling this weak and foggy-minded, which would make it that much more challenging to get through.

I’m also partly considering the epidural more now, just because I’m in so much pain all the freaking time, it would be kind of nice to get a little relief from that!  But we’ll see how it goes…

I need rest sooooooooooo badly.  Rest without dreams would be particularly nice.


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