A train ride and prepping for babies...

My cold is finally getting better.  Coughing is a challenge because it makes my stomach contract and it’s uncomfortable but at least it’s getting better.  I’m reeeally hoping the stuffy nose is cleared up tomorrow…James thought tonight he might be coming down with it so I’m keeping my fingers crossed he’s actually not.  He knows I can’t offer him any down time to recuperate if he gets it, which sounds mean but I don’t mean it that way, it’s just that I have to rely on him for so much due to my current inabilities, of which there seem to be more each day!

Today we took Andrew to the little train by Confederation Park with his nana, and they rode the train while James and I sat in the sunshine.  It’s the last weekend for the train till next year so I’m glad we got Andrew there one more time.  Then we came back to our place and spent some time sitting outside, which was amazingly so warm.  I couldn’t believe it was October because I actually got way too hot sitting in the sun and had to move into the shade because I thought I was going to get a burn!  That’s unheard of for October around here, but I’ll take it!!

It wasn’t planned this way, but tonight we ended up doing some rearranging of furniture in getting ready for the babies’ arrival.  I changed our bedroom setup around several times trying to get it to work for both us AND the babies, but it was never quite functional for longer term, because one piece of furniture or another always ended up in front of one of the heaters in the room, which ultimately is a fire hazard once we need to turn the heat on.  We prefer it cooler in there, but being that we’re on the ground floor AND don’t get any sun on that side of the condo, it can get pretty darn cold in our room during the winter.  With 2 small babies sharing the space, I know we’re going to have to use the heat.  So we ended up moving our bureau out to the living room/dining room area, emptied it out (well, we’re still working on that part) and we’ll use it to store some stuff that makes more sense out in the living space.  So our bedroom is a bit less cluttered looking, yet has everything we and the babies need in there.  It’s still a tight space, and I’m not excited about how crammed it’s going to feel in here once the twins arrive and we inevitably get all their gear out (swings, play mats, potentially the bassinet, etc…)  But it is what it is, it’s the space we have right now and we’ll have to make do with it.  I just keep reminding myself that we’ll be moving in February/March and our next place WILL be big enough for ALL OF US!  In the meantime, as cramped as this space is getting, there is a lot about it that I still love, and I’m glad it will be the babies’ first home (even though they’ll be too little to remember it once we move!)

Still reeling over the fact that I’ll be giving birth to two babies within the next 3 weeks tops.  I’m not in a CONSTANT state of freak-out over it, because sometimes I allow myself to ‘forget’ that it’s so imminent.  But I have moments every day, and usually especially at night, where I just get this AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH crazy feeling and I’m sure the anxiety alone is going to send me spiralling right into full-fledged labour!  So far, thankfully not though!  But really, I KNOW it could be any time…


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