A haircut, a cold, and not much else

Today I went for a haircut at a place MUCH closer to home than where I’ve been going for years (although the place I went to for years was closer to where we used to live!)  I just couldn’t manage the trek downtown in my ‘condition’, and as much as I DO love my usual hairdresser (and I do) I just don’t think I’ll be able to justify a trip downtown for a haircut once the twins are here, either.  It’s in the heart of downtown Vancouver, so it would be VERY expensive to park, meaning I’d have to bus, which means it would take a minimum of 3 hours total for JUST a haircut.  On the rare occasions when I’ll be able to get any time whatsoever to myself, (eventually) I’m not going to want to spend the majority of that time in transit!

So while I do feel in some ways like I’ve ‘cheated’ on my old hair dresser, I do think I’ve found a new one to go back to.  Which is AWESOME, because I’ve had some pretty awful experiences with trying different hairdressers in the past.  Luckily this totally worked out, and I’m so happy with what she did.  I didn’t get a lot cut off because I’m growing it out (will want the convenience factor of a ponytail when the twins are little and I have no time for my hair!) but she texturized it a lot and de-bulked, which is what I needed BADLY.  I’m SO glad I decided to do that before the babies arrival – I was going to just leave it and see how things went, but let’s face it, it’d probably be many more months before I’d actually go get anything done.  This should last me a while.

Unfortunately I’ve come down with Andrew’s cold, despite that he was kept away from me nearly all of last week to try to prevent me from getting it.  It SUCKS!  I don’t think it’s fair for a double pregnant woman to get a cold AT ALL, particularly right near the end of the pregnancy!  Like I don’t have enough to deal with!  I’m just hoping it doesn’t get much worse, and doesn’t last very long…and that James doesn’t end up with it, or anyone I want to have visit us in the hospital when the babies arrive.  It’s bad timing having a baby (or babIES!) during the cold and flu season, but what can you do!!

I’m mostly just laying low, doing pretty much the bare minimum of what needs to be done, letting James take on a lot more than I’m used to ‘delegating’, and I’m just going with it.  I just can’t do much and I’m at the point where it’s a waiting game.  Hoping the twins wait a while yet, just taking it easy while they bake a little longer.  It’s not as relaxing as it sounds, it’s more just a survival mode thing!  I’m kind of bored of not having a whole lot I can do these days, but at the same time I know how insanely busy life is going to be in a few weeks, and for a long time after that, so I’m just going to go with the flow for now!


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