Update on date night...

So it turns out the show we had tickets to for tonight got ‘postponed till a later date’ – which tells me we really weren’t meant to see the show, because ‘a later date’, at this point, is not going to work for us!

I’m a little bummed about it because it would have been an awesome show, and also I’m sad that James and I won’t get the date night we were expecting, particularly given that it might have been our last chance for a while.  BUT oh well, these things happen, and I didn’t want to plan for some other date just for the sake of having the night to ourselves when I’ve been missing our boy all week.  At this point I’d rather just get him home and spend the evening knowing he’s close to me.  Fingers crossed the cold germs are gone!  It really would be nice to get through the rest of this pregnancy sans cold…

FOUR WEEKS OR LESS and the babies will be here – wow.  Time is starting to feel like it’s going by kind of fast.  In one month I will no longer be pregnant, and I will have 2 babies.  That’s so crazy!  So much change in so little time, I really have to brace myself for this!


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