The final nesting phase

It doesn’t take much for me to over-do it this days, and today I would say I definitely over-did it.  I did nothing compared to what I would do when not five million weeks pregnant (or almost 33), but unfortunately it reeeeeally doesn’t take much.

Aside from a few loads of laundry and general tidying, the main thing Andrew and I did today was sort through most of his toys and organize his bedroom.  Which shouldn’t be nearly as huge a task as what it was/is, but given how much stuff he has, and what a hoarder he is, it’s a time consuming job – compounded by my lack of maneuverability with my gigantic self.

We took all his books out from his bookshelf, and I swear he has got several hundred books – or at least well over 100 (although a lot of them are from my childhood, and James’).  Even he was shocked at how many he has, and kept looking at different ones saying, ‘Oooh, I forgot about this one!  Oooh, remember that one?!’  We got them all reorganized properly on his shelves so they’re easier to find.  I also reorganized his desk drawers so they’re more functional – one for paper and felts/crayons, another for sticker and colouring books.  I went through all his drawings and picked out the ones I really wanted to keep (and as best I could dated the backs of them with the age he was when he drew them for future reference!) and parted with the rest, because ultimately to keep every scrap of paper he draws on would be ridiculous.

I reorganized his toys, but ultimately want to go through everything and weed out some of the stuff he really doesn’t need, or at the very least pack away some stuff to bring out at a later date to make it seem like he’s got a bunch of new stuff.  I’d also like to get some sort of organizer for his closet, although I might just wait on that till we move to our new place early next year (I’m pretty sure that’s what I’ll do). 

Yes, I am in that last leg of ‘nesting’, this is high time for a pregnant lady to get her nest on!  The problem being that with two babies in there instead of just one, it physically isn’t possible for me to nest in the way one would with a singleton.  Which I know from experience (thank gawd my first pregnancy was a singleton, I’m so, so happy about that).  I either had to work on things by sitting on Andrew’s desk chair and directing him to bring me things and help me (soooo grateful that he loves to be my little helper!) or when he got sidetracked playing with stuff, I had to plunk myself down on a puffy blanket on the floor and sort through stuff…The challenge was trying to get back up.  At one point I sort of lost it and just yelled out, (well, raised my voice, I wasn’t really yelling per se) ‘I hate my stupid body!’  Right away Andrew asked what I was talking about (he actually thought I was referring to one of his toys, not myself, LOL) and I had to explain that the giant belly is getting in the way so much, and I’m really looking forward to when the babies come out so I can move around properly again.  He totally seems to get that, because he has seen me struggle throughout these last several stages in particular, and he seems to realize my limitations to a large degree.  It’s sooo frustrating, and I am happy to know that it’s not THAT far off that I will be able to work on ‘getting my body back’, at least insofar as my mobility coming back.

I truly feel for people confined to a wheelchair or with severe mobility issues.  Not that what I’m dealing with is necessarily even similar to the challenges people face when they don’t necessarily have an end in sight for their lack of mobility…At least I know that at the end of the pregnancy I will start to get my strength back, and without the babies protruding from my belly I’ll be able to bend and move like the good ol’ days.  Knowing it’s temporary definitely eases the frustration somewhat, but still…It’s so hard to do the simplest of things, and it takes sooooo much longer to do things that normally I’d whiz right through without even thinking.

However, stuff is getting done, so I guess I should just say I’m happy about that.  As of now I’ve got almost everything washed and James is helping me fold the laundry tonight so I don’ t have to break my back doing that.  I’ve almost got through my entire ‘to do before the twins arrive’ list, even though I feel compelled to keep adding to it almost daily.  Ultimately I feel good about the nesting that I accomplished today, and Andrew and I had fun in the process.

He’s really into doing collages lately, so something I want to work on in the next few days is cutting out as many pictures from magazines as I can – which is going to mean having to buy some for that very purpose, most likely, because I don’t tend to get magazines often – and newspapers, etc, and make up a bin or bag just for collages.  I found a Ziploc bag while cleaning his bedroom that was filled with cut-outs from newspapers last Halloween, of pumpkins and costumes and bats, etc, and I was able to set him up at the table with those, a piece of paper and a glue stick, and between that and some stickers he just happily made collages for at least half an hour.  I want to make up little kits like that for him, because when the babies come there are going to be times (lots of them, sadly for him – I do feel really sad when I think about the logistics and how much less time I’ll have with him compared to what he and I are used to) when I won’t be able to sit there for half an hour cutting out pictures for him to make a collage out of.  Now is the time to get that stuff prepared, so I think that’ll be next on my list.  And luckily that’s a far easier task than cleaning out closets!

The countdown is really on now.  My mind is racing, but at the same time I’m doing my best to just take it day by day.


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