TGIF and my boy's coming home!!

My boys are on their way home right now and I’m soooo excited!  TGIF AND I get my boy back, finally!  3 nights and I’m telling you, it feels like I haven’t seen him for a year.  Can’t wait to have my sidekick back.  My little partner in crime ;)

I reeeeally wanted to get out for a bit today because I can already feel the walls caving in on me, and I know that feeling’s only going to get worse once the babies are here and it’s even more difficult to go out (at least in the beginning).  So I picked up my mom and we went out to Homesense just for a look around.  Well, about one minute walking in the store and I could barely breathe.  I was fine all morning at home, so it seemed weird that all of a sudden I felt near death, I was that out of breath.  I know that my heart is doing triple duty, since it’s pumping blood for me AND 2 babies, so that’s why I often get so winded, (not to mention the decreased lung capacity due to babies shoving my lungs out of the way) but this was ridiculous.  I had to just sit in a chair while my mom looked around because I couldn’t hack it.  My days of doing much of anything whatsoever till the babies arrive?  Let’s face it, they’ve come to pass!  Thank goodness we pretty much did every single thing I’d wanted to do during the summer, and now with the rainier weather settling in, well, I guess it’s an okay time for not really doing much.

We went out for coffee which was nice, since at least it was a change of scenery, but I wasn’t having to do any walking. 

But even that tuckered me out, so I dropped my mom off and came home.  I ended up forcing myself to get a few chores done around the house because ultimately the stuff WON’T keep forever, it HAS to get done, and while James is definitely helping me out a lot there’s so much he just doesn’t think to do…and I’m tired of asking!

I’ve come to realize that it’s going to be a major challenge once the babies arrive…I’m not going to get into the details of it, but let’s just say that I’m concerned by a certain someone (not James!) trying to take too much control of our situation…and I don’t think I’ll take too well to it if it happens.  I am grateful that people want to help us in whatever way they can, but I am NOT good about people swooping in and telling me how it’s going to be, or informing me of what I SHOULD be doing, or allowing them to do.  I like to control my own life, and I like to be in control of my household and my situation.  Makes sense, right?  I realize it’s something I may have to relax a little bit, but I’m honestly not entirely sure how much I’ll actually be able to do that.  Just who I am!  I’m 32 and I’ve been this way my whole life – never took well to being told what to do (my parents can certainly vouch for that!!) so…why would I start now?!

I’ve made homemade pesto stuffed mushroom caps with cheese ravioli for dinner, along with steamed asparagus (sadly, I over steamed it a bit, but it still tastes good!) and cut up some tomato for garnish.  I also made a batch (from a mix, so I cheated) of a yummy potato cheddar soup that Andrew really likes, so if he doesn’t want the pasta he can have the soup.  I’m wanting to give him options because I want to spoil him when he gets home tonight – I can’t help it, it just feels like I’ve been away from him for so long, and not having been the one taking care of him with his cold just tore at my heart strings.  Must make up for that!  But I have to say, standing for about 45 minutes in the kitchen prepping and making the food after doing some household chores has left me in an even weaker state.  Sad but true…We need to figure out how we’re going to survive food-wise the next while, because I don’t think I can cook anymore, or at least not much.  I want to get convenience foods in, but I also don’t want to just be eating from frozen food boxes every day either.  Me thinks James will be doing some cooking and freezing of homemade cooking this weekend!


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