Haven't slept in years...

I think I got 2 hours sleep last night, but not all in a row.  I’m exhausted enough as it is, not being able to sleep at this point is brutal.  ESPECIALLY knowing how insanely sleep deprived I will be once the babies are born.  I want to be able to rest now while I can, because I know what an issue sleep is going to become.

The aches and pains become unbearable when I lay down.  The belly is too big, and there’s really no position that’s comfortable.  I sat up in bed and sort of leaned forward (as much as I can lean forward with how tight the belly is) and that gave some relief to my lower back, but of course I can’t sleep sitting like that.  I eventually got up for part of the night, but then around 5am I started to feel so sick from not getting any rest. 

At the best of times I’m not the greatest sleeper.  When I’m woken up by something in the night, it generally takes me a while to get back to sleep.  But it’s so much worse now, because as soon as I wake up I’m made aware of how sore I am, and then the aches just take over and I can’t drift off again for ages.  I also can’t get through the night now without getting up to pee, so it’s a given that part of the night will be spent awake, wishing I could get to sleep.

Tomorrow Andrew goes downtown so I know I can sleep in then, which is good.  It just doesn’t help me right now!  I’m sooooo tired.

Carrying multiples is definitely a challenge.  I guess I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, not much longer now of this part.  It’s just making me feel emotional in so many ways, and emotions while lacking sleep can be a tad overwhelming.


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