Gearing up for the big arrival...

Thirty and a half weeks down…Time seems to go by slowly some days but over all this time is whizzing by and I know that before I know it, the twins will be here.  How crazy is that?!

Yesterday I got to talking to Andrew about it again.  I explained how we won’t know when it will be exactly, but that the babies will be here pretty soon.  That they really are real babies – because sometimes I think in his mind they’re just ‘in Mommy’s belly’ but he might not get that they really truly are going to come out and be real people soon!  I said just as Halloween isn’t that far off, neither is the birth of his sisters, and in fact they might even get here before Halloween.  When I told him that this is becoming a reality SOON, he literally jumped off the couch and did a little dance, grinning, and said, ‘Yay, they’re almost here, this is going to be SO EXCITING!’  It was SO cute to see him so excited over his sisters!

I’ve also been working on explaining how things might happen.  That ultimately I’m going to start experience some pain that I won’t be able to hide from him, and the pain will tell me it’s time to go to the hospital because it means the babies are ready to come out.  I don’t want him to be afraid of seeing me in agony, which he will if he’s home when it happens!  Of course there’s NO WAY I’m having him in the actual birthing room with me – I know some parents are into their older children witnessing the birth of their siblings, and to each her own, but I personally think it would be traumatizing for him.  I don’t want him to see me in the worst state of pain I could ever imagine being in, or seeing blood coming out of me, etc.  But I can hardly wait for that moment when he gets to walk into that room and see and hold his sisters for the very first time once everything has been cleaned up!

I am SO hoping the contractions start at night or through the night (like they did with Andrew) so that James is home with us and we can deal with everything together.  But I realize it could also be the case that James is at work when it starts.  The plan is that basically as soon as my contractions start, I’ll taxi my mom over to our place (if my dad is at work he has their car, and there’s no way I’m driving to go get her, even tho they’re a 5 minute drive away…I won’t drive during labour!!) and she’ll drive us to the hospital (I’m going to talk to my OB at my next appointment as to when I should go to the hospital, but I have a feeling I’ll just want to get there asap to be on the safe side).  Then my mil will meet us at the hospital and take Andrew, and James will meet us there, and James and my mom will be in the delivery room with me.  I really hope it all goes as smoothly as that, or of course ideally that James is with me the whole time and everyone else just meets us there – in fact we could drop Andrew off at my parents’ place as we head to the hospital since it’s on the way!

It’s about a 45 minute drive to the hospital from our place, and that’s in ‘light’ traffic (it’s never light heading there, but rush hour would probably push the time to get there to at least an hour…Fingers crossed my labour doesn’t start during rush hour!!)  I remember the drive from our old apartment to St. Paul’s downtown, and it took 10 minutes tops to get there.  I was in totally agony and thought I was going to die if I had to sit in that car any longer, I was so uncomfortable.  Every red light we stopped at I just wanted to bang my head against the dashboard!!  So I’m really not looking forward to a much longer car trip to get to the hospital this time around.  Especially with it being twins, I just want to be there and feel safer.

Which is weird in a way, because at the same time that I desperately just want to be at the hospital, I am also slightly terrified of the whole hospital experience.  I’m trying to just remind myself that my labour and delivery with Andrew was a very positive experience in terms of the hospital and staff…It was my miscarriage at Royal Columbian that has caused me anxiety-over-hospital issues.  I wouldn’t deliver my twins at RCH if it was the last hospital on earth.  I hope to never step foot in that hospital again.  I keep reminding myself that BC Women’s is a great hospital, I really have only heard good things about it, so I shouldn’t have to be fearful that they won’t look after me and the babies properly.

So much to think about…I’m also working on packing the hospital bag for me and the babies, it’s getting there.  I just want everything to be ready so I can stop going over in my mind all that still needs to be done.


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