Date night

Last night James and I had a date night while Andrew slept over at his Nana’s.  We were originally going to go to an Italian restaurant on Hastings that we’d never been to, but it turned out to be closed for renovations.  Since our plan was dinner and then a movie at Silvercity Coquitlam, we decided to head in that direction and eat somewhere closer to the theatre.  We ended up at a little Thai restaurant. 

We generally find Thai restaurants very accommodating to making things vegetarian.  But I was very pleasantly surprised when I opened up the menu at this particular restaurant to discover that they had an entire vegetarian menu separate from their main menu!  How awesome is that.  So we were able to order directly from that and then we knew for sure everything we were getting would be 100% veg.  The food was really good, the only thing I would say is that we got everything ‘mild’ – and James likes spice (mild was for me) but even he thought it was borderline getting too spicy.  I’m glad we DID get mild and not medium as there’s no way I’d have been able to take 2 bites if it was any spicier!  But over all it was good and I would go back there.

We got to the theatre way too early but we didn’t really have anywhere else to go, so we decided to just get our tickets early (for the Bourne Legacy) and then check out the games and stuff they have there. 

I think the last movie I saw in the theatre was Avatar.  I could be mistaken, but I’m pretty sure it has been that long since I went to a movie.  I’m not much of a movie goer.  In fact, I’m not generally that much of a movie watcher in general, but going to the movies is something I do very, very rarely.  For one because it’s so expensive and I only want to go to a movie if I’m pretty sure it’s going to be worth the money, but also because I tend to like pausing movies when I need to go to the bathroom or just want a break.  I can get restless in those seats, and I find theatres WAY too loud – I’m not deaf, they could easily have it on half the volume and it would still be super loud.  BUT it is fun to get out to the movies every once in a while for a fun night out!  I was just shocked by how different things were since I’d been to a movie theatre last.

First of all, the movie was playing in a ‘special’ theatre, with a bigger screen (?!) and apparently more comfy seats and better sound quality or something.  They also had the option of a VIP screening where you’re in a theatre that’s licensed (not something I’m interested in at the moment obviously!)  Anyway, due to us being in one of these ‘special’ theatres, we actually got to choose our seats when we bought the tickets.  I was a bit taken aback because I wasn’t expecting to have a screen put in front of us so we could choose what seats we wanted an hour before the movie started!  I felt so out of the loop!

Then we went over to where the arcade games are, only to discover that you no longer use coins or tokens but you actually purchase a swipe card and everything is done electronically on these games!  Which just seemed so hi-tech to me.  I know, I am making myself sound so old, but seriously, I couldn’t believe it!  It was so different from how things used to be!  I don’t mind the swipe card I guess and I get that you can keep it (although we gave ours away) and refill it when you go back and not having those paper tickets come out when you ‘win’ a game is perhaps better for the environment…But I did sort of miss the paper tickets because it feels more like you’re winning if you’re actually seeing those things coming out of the machines!  Still, though, we had fun playing a few games to pass the time.  It’ll be fun when Andrew (and the girls) are big enough to take to a big arcade to play games (albeit expensive!!)  We won Andrew some plastic ‘fangs’ and a lollipop, so he’ll be happy to get those when he comes home today!

Then we went and got our movie snacks.  James could have done without I think but I can’t go to the movies (for how infrequently I go!) and not get snacks!!  Luckily we’d paid our way in with a coupon so it was ‘only’ $20 to get in (as opposed to just over $30) but a large popcorn (which proved to be too much, but large is only 50 cents more than medium so it doesn’t make sense not to get that size!), a small drink, and a little thing of m&m’s came to almost $18!  Which is crazy!  I knew it would be like that, I wasn’t surprised, but it just makes you think – as a family of 5, it would cost an absolute FORTUNE to ever take all our kids out to see a movie.  Obviously we’ll have to save by packing our own snacks, but it’s not the same as just going to the movies and getting stuff there.  It’s just so crazy expensive, and it’s not that I’m a cheap person, it just IS, really, for what you’re getting.

Anyway, the Bourne Legacy over all was a good movie.  We both agreed we prefer the first ones, with Matt Damon, and the more tight storylines, especially of the first of the original 3.  But it was still pretty good, definitely entertaining.  I’m glad we went to it, it definitely felt like a different date night than our usual.

I’m (perhaps sadly, but it is what it is!) not used to being out ‘late’ so it felt like a big night out!  We were home around 10:30 – lol.  I know that’s pretty early, but gone are the days when I could be out partying till 2am, and I’m TOTALLY fine with that!  Even though I generally stay up quite late, the idea of being out till all hours sounds exhausting!  I’m happy with my simple family life, truthfully =D  It felt like a big day because I’d also been out with the boy in the afternoon, and then we’d spend an hour or so at Confederation Park before meeting up with the mil and heading out on our date night, so I was asleep around 12:30am, which for me is amazing.  I got up at 9 and James made us coffee and French Toast and we sat and talked till he just headed off to go pick up the boy/spend time with him and the mil.  I’m going to go out and pick up some stuff for my hospital bag/the girls’ diaper bag for the hospital, and otherwise just take it easy, which is pretty much all I can do anyway!  I can’t believe it’s ‘that time’ of getting the hospital bags ready, but better to do it now than to not have it ready in time.  Eeek, time sure is a ticking!!!


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