Andrew's life in 2012...

With how insanely tired I’ve been throughout pretty much this entire pregnancy, I haven’t accomplished some of the things I had planned on doing this year.  It became too easy to procrastinate, not because I WANTED to be lazy, but because I honestly just didn’t have the pep required to get things done.  I’m okay with it, because ultimately I think I’ve done a lot just in gestating two babies at the same time!  The main thing on my ‘bucket list’ for this year was to have a baby…And I’m having two…so that has definitely got to count for something!

One of the things I wanted to do was to get started early on my yearly scrapbook of Andrew’s life.  I’ve made the books the past 2 years and given them as Christmas gifts, and I really wanted to continue the tradition.  But the tiredness always kicked in when I’d think to get going on it, so it never really happened.  Until today. 

I realized today that all I can really do, at least the majority of the time, is sit with my feet up.  I was having one of my severely-out-of-breath days, so I could only putter about a tiny amount.  I’m tired of watching shows or surfing the web, ultimately just wasting time.  I wanted to do something productive, so I logged into Mixbook (it’s the first company I used for the books and I loved it, so I decided to go back to it again) and got going on Andrew’s book.  I am happy to report that it is ¾ of the way completed!  I had uploaded a lot of pictures before, which saved me a lot of time getting started.  There’s still a lot of work to be done, and I do want to include the arrival of Andrew’s sisters, as well as Halloween, since it’s his favourite day of the year.  But after spending nearly the whole day working away at it, I’ve made enough progress that I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to get it printed in time for Christmas.  It might be challenging to complete once the babies arrive, but if I continue working on it and have everything how I want it before they’re born, I’ll just have those few pages to add at the end and voila!

It feels good to have accomplished this, because while I think I had a pretty good excuse for NOT doing it this year, I know that if I didn’t I’d be disappointed that there was no book.  I really want to make it an annual thing, and this was my last chance to make it 95% ALL ABOUT ANDREW, since next year there will be 2 more people to include. It’ll definitely be interesting finding the time to work on it next year…but I’m determined to make it happen!


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