Andrew's first dentist visit

Last Wednesday Andrew had his very first ever Dentist appointment.

Several weeks ago he decided that when he grows up he wants to be a dentist.  Since it’s recommended that a child go to their first dental appointment by age 3, we thought this was the perfect opportunity to make the introduction.  We said if he wants to be a dentist, he should go and see what it’s all about.

He was a little apprehensive about it at first, but he seemed keen on the fact that 1) they have a tv on the ceiling that you can watch from the comfy dental chair and 2) we were pretty sure they’d have some sort of little toy or something to give him as a prize at the end if he was a good boy.  Maybe these aren’t the best reasons to be OK with going to the dentist, but at the age of 3 – whatever works, go with it!!
When we got to the dental office, Andrew marched right in, went up to the counter, and said, ‘Hi, I have an appointment at 5:30!  My name is Andrew!’  LOL  They had us fill out a form since it was his first time there, and then after a few minutes wait the dental hygienist took us through.  The dentist came in right away and checked Andrew’s teeth and said that all his teeth look perfect, as well as his gums, and to keep up the good work!  He said that he had NEVER seen a child Andrew’s age be so cooperative at their first dental appointment.  Andrew was SO good, and totally calm.
Then the hygienist said she would brush Andrew’s teeth.  He picked a green toothbrush.  She had him put some funky sunglasses on and then turned the overhead light on to see into his mouth.  He didn’t like the overhead light, even with the glasses on, but put up with it.  However, he reeeeally didn’t like the air suction thing, which she referred to as ‘Mr Thirsty.’  She filled up a little cup with water (with the water sprayer thingy) and had Andrew fill more of the cup with the water, but he was quite apprehensive about the air suctioning it all up.  He knew he didn’t want that near his mouth, anyway.  So instead of freaking him out by polishing his teeth and then having no choice but to use those instruments to clean out the toothpaste, the hygienist just brushed his teeth with his new toothbrush with no paste.  She did, however, floss his back teeth, which was a first since we’ve never attempted it, and he was totally fine with it.  So he had a really positive first dental experience – and when we go back in 6 months, they’ll try again with ‘Mr Thirsty’ and see about getting his teeth nicely polished.
 Andrew was so happy because the hygienist said he was so good that he could pick out TWO toys.  It turns out they had a whole big cupboard filled with various little prizes, and Andrew took as long to decide on two things (a thing of bubbles with a giraffe on the lid, and a lion stamper) as his whole appointment had taken!  They were very good with him and he left there feeling quite pleased about the whole experience, which is the main thing.  From there we shared a strawberry Julius, and headed home.

I can’t believe my little boy has already been to the dentist, it seems like such a grown up thing to do!


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