Almost 31 weeks down...How many more to go, only the babies know!

Today I had my (almost) 31 weeks OB appointment.

I’m measuring 41 weeks.  I’m actually surprised it’s not farther as I certainly feel farther along, but I guess in part it’s because I’m very WIDE in my growth, with 2 babies being packed in there!  So part of my mobility issue is just the sheer girth and inability to bend or move properly.  Although 41 weeks is nothing to laugh over, it’s crazy that I’m measuring that when I potentially could still have another 9 weeks to go (oh gawd, let’s hope I don’t make it right to the full 40 weeks!!!)

When the OB was listening on the Doppler to Baby A, she grew concerned with how fast her heart was beating.  Her HR was 186 bpm!  As far as I know, a little over 160 would be the maximum in the ‘normal’ range.  She said she’d keep listening till it settled, because Baby A was being SO active that it was probably being caused by her crazy behaviour.  It’s fine for the HR to get that high for a short time, but not good if it’s continuous.  Well, she didn’t slow down.  And Baby B was acting up too, it was CRAZY how much they were moving around – you couldn’t make out what body part was what, but huge lumps were moving around and trying to break through my stomach!  The doctor was laughing at how crazy they were being.

She decided to do an ultrasound because she wanted to make sure everything was OK and to hopefully get a slower HR on Baby A.  Despite that she was still moving around like crazy, Baby A’s heart rate DID return to the normal range.  Then Baby B was being difficult because she had the hiccups so it was hard to read her heart rate.  I think the OB said her HR was around 126, which is quite low compared to how it normally is, but she said it was in the normal range.  I think the girls were just acting up for the appointment, it was a bit ridiculous!  But ultimately the doctor didn’t seem concerned, and kept the u/s going for another minute to show me the babies a little bit.  Baby A was kicking Baby B and it was funny because we could see it on the screen, AND on my belly.  I could definitely feel it!  Both babies are still head down, and it’s so cute because their heads are basically touching.  I could see Baby A had her arm up and her hand over her head, and Baby B had one of her hands near her cheek.  So cute!!  They’re very squished in there though, so it’s hard to see a whole lot at this point.

I’ve actually gained a bit more weight since the beginning than I’d initially thought, almost 25lbs.  I had lost a few lbs in between one of the last visits, but in the past few I’ve gained quite a bit (totally normal).  Actually the doctor said I’ve gained far less than most during a multiple pregnancy, but she wasn’t concerned either way.  And she said my blood pressure was perfect.

It’s actually Baby B who’s weighing more than Baby A, I had it mixed up.  So 2 wks ago Baby A was 2lbs 10oz and Baby B was 3lbs 1 oz.  So who knows where they’re at now, but steadily gaining for sure, I can feel it!!  Their weight discrepancy is nothing to worry about at this point but apparently if it starts to get wider we’ll have to be more closely monitored, so hopefully they continue to grow at a similar rate.

I had some of my fears eased, including the fact that we’re 100% getting a private room for our hospital stay.  I was worried it would cost a lot to request a private room, based on their info online, but she said with twins it’s basically a guarantee we’ll get our own room at no extra charge, and most people get their own room anyway.  So I felt better about that.  I was also told that basically as soon as I start to think I’m in labour, I should call them, and either go to the clinic if it’s open to get checked, or go to the hospital to get checked.  No waiting around to see if the contractions get closer together like with a singleton – I’m to get checked out as soon as possible.  I felt relieved to hear that because my gut instinct is to get to the hospital ASAP to be on the safe side, and she confirmed that that’s the best plan with twins. 

I really like my OB a lot, I just hope she’s on call when it comes time to delivering these babies.  I’m not overly concerned about it because ultimately I know what zone I’ll be in when I’m in labour and it’s not going to be the end of the world if she doesn’t help bring them into it, but it would be nice if it was her because I definitely feel comfortable with her and think she would have a good bedside manner, which is important.  Plus I’m used to having a female doctor for pregnancy so hopefully the doctor is female, whoever it is.  Although I guess it doesn’t matter that much – for example, if my family doctor delivered babies I’d be comfortable with him helping me.  I guess I do sort of prefer, though, the fact that this OB has had children of her own.  Not twins, but still, she knows what labour is like.  Not that that’s the be all and end all – my midwife with Andrew had never had kids of her own, and she was amazing (although I do recall thinking at one point how she had no ‘actual’ idea what I was feeling when I was in labour!)

Anyway…the OB said that the average for a twin delivery is at 37 weeks, but ultimately they COULD be born at any time between now and 40 weeks.  She said because my cervix is long and closed (sorry, TMI!), it’s quite likely they are staying put for some time yet, because that’s exactly how you want it to be for keeping them in.  So hopefully for the babies’ sake we do make it as far as we can so they can be bigger and healthier.  But she said that even if they were born tomorrow (oh gawd, let’s hope they’re not!!), the chances at this point of anything going wrong is so slim, she’s not the least bit concerned about their wellbeing.  (Although it would mean time in the NICU which obviously I want to avoid).  So I suppose that should ease my mind.  And it does to an extent…but the idea that we should actually be prepared for them to arrive literally ANY TIME NOW…it’s kind of freaking me out!


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