33 weeks...

Last night Andrew had a sleepover at my parents’ place.  Next weekend he’s having one at James’ mom’s.  We’re trying to capitalize on our time just the two of us because we know how impossible it will be to get that time once the twins arrive.

Last night we watched Prometheus.  Or, should I say, James watched Prometheus while I slept.  That’s how good the movie was.  Soooo lame.  I didn’t have high expectations though, given I was never into the Alien movies.  I just don’t get it, there’s nothing remotely scary or even interesting to me about those movies.

This morning we headed out and went to MEC so James could get some cycling gear because he plans on biking to work more often.  Not sure how often he’ll want to do it once the bad weather hits, but even if he waits again till spring to really get into it, he’ll have the gear he needs for when he does.  I sat and people watched while he made his purchases because it was all I could do to waddle from the van into the store.  I felt VERY immobile today, it really was all I could do to waddle in and waddle out.  Then we went to Las Margueritas for lunch on W  4th.  We’d never been but heard it was good.  We’d definitely go back there, very yummy – and even though I was already full I somehow managed to find room for Churros for dessert.  I LOVE Churros, they totally remind me of Disneyland!

I really wanted to do more while we were out.  The sun came out and it felt like such a beautiful day.  I miss being able to walk around and explore, window shop, look in places we’ve never been.  But I was struggling just to walk one block from the restaurant to the car, so instead we came home and I put my feet up, eventually had a nap, and hung around till it was time for Andrew to come home.  It sounds kind of lame maybe, but we had a good time and it was nice to just be able to relax and not really have to do much.

I do feel compelled to nest, but can’t do much, so I’ve been somewhat ordering James around and getting him to do stuff for me, and other things I’m just letting slide because I can’t be bothered.  I know it’s impossible to be fully ready no matter what, so I can just do what I can do and be content that whatever is left over when the twins arrive will get done eventually.  We have everything we need for them now – yesterday we went and picked up the twin nursing pillow from a woman I met on Craigslist who ended up just GIVING us sooooo much stuff, it was absolutely amazing.  Even a baby swing, which is quite old but totally still functional – and FREE, which saves us so much money!  Lots of clothes too, and many matching outfits since she has twin baby girls.  So that was awesome…

I’m slowly getting all the laundry done so I can get their clothes all put away, so really just general maintenance stuff is all that will be left.  The sad state of affairs for me is that ‘general maintenance’ is even too exhausting for me now.  James is doing a lot of stuff that I normally do, but I still like things done a particular way that sometimes he lives up to but other times not so much!  He actually complimented me recently because he said that even though he’s helping out doing some stuff, he really has noticed what I usually do, because he notices certain things being messier or dirtier at times and he knows it’s because I’m not able to do as much.  The way I put that sounds terrible, he said it in a way that made sense and sounded really nice, because ultimately it told me that he won’t take the things I do for granted in the future, when I’m able to get back to my usual routine (whenever that will be…)!

I’m just getting SO nervous about the impending labour, still not sure if I want the epidural, honestly wanting to deliver the twins naturally…but also freaked out about that, and wondering if the doctors will push me into taking the drugs even if I don’t really need them.  Not knowing if Baby B will turn breech after A is out worries me…I wish I knew how this was all going to play out…and WHEN.  James and I are going to a show this Friday night so I’ve told the girls they’ve got to stay in at least till Saturday so we can enjoy the show!  Hopefully several weeks longer than that, of course, since I’ll still be 2 days shy of 34 weeks on Friday and that’s too early for their arrival…but I feel like their arrival is imminent – I KNOW it is…it’s just whether or not it’s a week, two, up to five tops….I can barely stand the suspense already!


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