33 weeks appointments

Today I had my almost 33 weeks u/s and OB appointments.  Everything is looking great – babies are still both head down and Baby A is estimated at 4.6lbs, Baby B 4.8lbs.  The OB said if I haven’t had the babies by 38 weeks I’ll be induced, so the babies will be here by Oct 28th at the latest!  I’m kind of relieved that they should be here before Halloween.   But WOW, that means the babies will BE HERE in 5 weeks or less!!

So basically now we just wait.  The OB said that ultimately she wants me to go to the hospital even if all I start to feel are period-like cramps, since that can be a sign that labour is starting.  It’s kind of nerve-wracking not knowing how this is going to play out – will my water break this time (it didn’t with Andrew, they broke it during active labour and 10 minutes later he was born!) or will I just start getting some cramping that makes me go to the hospital?  Basically the OB just doesn’t want me to ‘wait and see’ if what I’m feeling is truly the real deal or not and then not getting to the hospital till the babies are on their way out already.  I could end up having a very short labour and I’m 45 minutes away from the hospital, so we have to take that into consideration.

I can’t even explain the excitement I feel.  It feels like I’m totally nervous inside, which I am, but I’m also just soooooooo excited, the anticipation is too much!  She told me I’m ‘in the home stretch now’ and they could come at any time, but since I haven’t had any signs of them coming just yet, there’s a good chance we still have at least a few weeks to go.  Only time will tell, and the babies will decide when the time is right.  I honestly can’t see myself getting to 38 weeks and having to be induced, although I realize it could happen.  I’m measuring 42 weeks at almost 33…very uncomfortable and exhausted and LARGE, so hopefully a few more weeks will give them time to get their lungs well established and their weights up a bit and then it will be the perfect time for them to get here!

So so so so so so SO SO excited!!!!!!


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