32 weeks and counting...

I just ordered the Ameda Purely Yours double electric breast pump…Nearly $300 later…!  It got great reviews, though, so hopefully it pays for itself quickly.  The hand held pump I used for Andrew was only $50 and I used it enough that it paid for itself MANY times over, so assuming it works and breastfeeding goes as planned, it should be a good investment.

Once that arrives in a few days, I think we are pretty much set and ready for the twins’ arrival (although of course I hope that’s not for another month).  James is going to install their car seats this weekend so they’re in the van for when we need them, and we’re going to pick up some stuff (twin breastfeeding pillow, etc) from a woman I met through Craigslist.  I’m looking forward to meeting her because we’ve been emailing back and forth for a while, and she has a little boy and twin baby girls, so I can hardly wait to introduce Andrew to them.
Speaking of twin baby girls, mine must be humungous, because I can barely even move now.  I got into the bath tonight and couldn’t stay in longer than about 2 minutes because I couldn’t lean forward to reach the soap even, and I couldn’t lay back either.  My belly is SO TIGHT right now, and getting tighter by the second!  It’s crazy in there, I can only imagine how it must be for the babies!  So squished. 

I was extremely out of breath today.  For example, I was just about to head out to pick up my pills (I’m taking Diclectin till the end!) and I was looking for something in my purse before I left.  All I was doing was standing in our front hall looking in my purse, and I felt so winded that I had to crouch down to the floor to try to catch my breath!  Ridiculous.  I did manage to run a couple of errands, including getting my pills and a few things at the drug store, and then stopping into Sears to get a few nightgowns since most of my pajamas aren’t fitting these days.  I got a large nightgown that will easily see me through the rest of the pregnancy, even if I go all the way to full term – that’s how big and flowy it is!  I was wearing it when the boys got home tonight at dinner (Andrew had gone to his Nana’s today) and as soon as Andrew saw me he said, ‘Ooooh, I like your shirt!’  LOL  I love the way he always notices things like that.

I dyed my own hair today for the first time in about 6-7 years.  I decided it’s not affordable to get it done at the salon anymore, not to mention I can’t get to the salon I normally go to since it’s all the way downtown and I’m too immobile to go there (and don’t want to deal with parking in the heart of downtown Vancouver if I can help it).  I might get a trim somewhere closer to home, but I didn’t want to spend the crazy amount it costs to have it dyed.  I think the colour I used was called ‘Deep Burgundy.’  Basically it looks dark brown but with a purplish hue to it.  I think it turned out well – it covered my roots…the grey hairs I’ve been noticing peeking through lately, so it’s a definite improvement!!  And for $9, well you just can’t beat that!

I’m starting to have a difficult time holding my laptop on my actual lap, since let’s face it, the lap space is dwindling.  The belly is taking over EVERYTHING! 

James is working from home tomorrow, so I’m hoping Andrew behaves for him and lets him work so I can sleep in a little bit.  At least I know I can probably score a bit of extra rest time during the day at some point if I need it.  He’s hopefully going to start working from home one day a week every week till the babies arrive, just to be here for me in case I need him.  Fingers crossed I go into labour on one of the days he’s at home!!  (BUT NOT TOMORROW!!!!!)


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