The babies’ movements are getting SO strong, sometimes it makes me jump when they move suddenly!  It really feels like an alien (or two) is trying to push its way through to escape my belly!  So weird.

Baby B definitely had hiccups today, the first time I’m sure it was her with them.  I was feeling a bit worried that she’d turned breech because I could feel the hiccups coming through way at the top of my belly, as in literally right under my breasts – that high up.  But I listened on the Doppler a few hours later and her heart is still quite low down, so who knows how that happened.  I’m guessing they’re both still head down because their heartbeats are always heard in the same spots.  Fingers crossed they stay that way…It will theoretically make things so much easier when it comes time for birth!

I took Andrew over to my mom’s today and I was planning on staying there with him, but I became SO tired that my mom suggested I go home and rest.  So I did.  As soon as I got in the door I went to bed, and I didn’t wake up for nearly an hour and a half.  I was dreaming for that entire time (or at least it felt like it), but at the same time it was a deep sleep, as when I woke up I felt sort of disoriented.  Unfortunately I don’t feel any less tired, but the rest had to have done me some good at least.  The boy is on his way home soon for dinner, which my mom made for us so I won’t have to worry about that other than maybe throwing together a salad to go with.

I’m going to stock up on frozen foods soon so we have a lot of ‘convenience’ foods available.  I foresee many nights of not being up to doing much cooking.  For the next loooong while.  Ugh!  I have no idea when I’ll find the time for cooking once I have 2 babies added to my life!  It seems like so many things are going to be impossible.  I know that’s not actually the case, I WILL get into a routine that works, but it’s just hard to envision it.  James says I have to be careful not to automatically write things off, as I’m making things impossible in my head that don’t have to be that way.  I just think logistically sometimes things feel like they’ll be out of reach.  Things you do when you have one baby can sometimes (often) be made much more complicated with another baby!  For example, I was thinking about how to pass the time in the day, I started taking Andrew to ‘swim lessons’ when he was about 5 ½ months old.  Yes, we could do something like this on the weekend when James is available to help out, but realistically I wouldn’t be able to take the babies on my own to any sort of swim lesson, because I wouldn’t be able to hold 2 babies in the water like I was able to do with Andrew.  These are just facts.  I get that, like I said, we can still do these things – if James was watching Andrew and had one baby, I could alternate the 2 babies in the lesson.  But, what about us passing the hours during weekdays?  That’s more of something that I’ll be wanting to figure out than what we’re going to be doing on the weekends.  I know I’m getting ahead of myself here as ultimately it’ll be a while before we’re doing stuff like that  anyway, especially assuming the babies will be much smaller than Andrew at birth (it’s pretty well a guarantee given he was heading up to 9lbs!) – the twins won’t be ready for things as early as what Andrew was.

I’m slowly but surely getting all the babies’ stuff organized and ready for their arrival.  The crib is properly set up, and I think we have the room organized how it will work best.  I’m working on washing all their clothes and then I need to organize them into sizes since of course they’ll only fit the teensiest stuff at first.  When I’m folding their clothes from the laundry I get excited about dressing them up into all their cute little outfits, and taking pictures of them.  How cute are they going to be?! 


Janice said…
I am SO EXCITED for these babies, you would almost think I was the grandma to be hahaha Are your parents excited?
Elizabeth said…
:) Yes my parents are super excited!! My mom said she has constant butterflies in her stomach in anticipation! I think she's more nervous than I am about the labour/delivery...but can't wait till the girls are here. I think they're still in shock that it's TWO babies, none of us ever thought I'd have twins and I think they in particular can't believe it!!

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