Sleep deprivation, and cute things the boy said

I’m slowing down more and more each DAY, it’s not even a weekly thing anymore.  So frustrating!  I’m doing my best to just pace myself, but doing NOTHING even seems tiresome lately.

Last night was horrendous.  I had TERRIBLE heartburn that wouldn’t quit no matter how many Tums I popped.  I tried to go to bed but I couldn’t lay down because the heartburn would be unbearable, so I tried sleeping sitting up and realized that’s not possible either!  I finally got up for another hour or so, and didn’t end up getting to sleep till at least 3 in the morning.  The heartburn finally let up for the most part, but then the babies didn’t like any of the positions I chose.  I just get relatively comfy and then I feel little baby nudges, and they don’t stop till I move!  I feel guilty trying to stay in a position that works for me but obviously doesn’t for one or both of them.  Which of course ends up not working for me anyway, since the nudges are too distracting for sleep.  I always feel as if I’m squishing one of the babies, but I don’t know how else I’m supposed to lay in bed since they say laying on your back is bad for circulation.  Not to mention that my lungs feel completely crushed if I lay on my back, since the weight of two babies rests on them!

So this morning I was running on VERY little sleep.  Amazingly, Andrew was pretty good about it.  I explained that I hadn’t got much sleep because of the babies and REALLY needed to just lay and rest for a while.  I put a Sesame Street DVD on (Best Of, with all the classic bits that I remember from my childhood) and he ACTUALLY let me lay in bed for a little while (which normally he downright refuses).  It wasn’t very restful since I feel compelled to be listening for him with one ear, and he ran in after every few segments of the show to talk about it, but just laying there felt better than trying to focus on anything else.  Luckily I was able to take him to my mom’s again for the afternoon so I could come home and sleep.  I REALLY wish it didn’t have to be that way because I want to be able to look after Andrew on my own, but I was so desperate, there’s no way I could have got through the whole day without collapsing.  Andrew’s fine with it, and so is my mom, since they love to spend time together.  And the boy and I DID do quite a few crafts before I drove him over.  He’s totally back into doing crafts all the time lately, and also playing and using his imagination big time.  It’s awesome!

Today he told me that when he grows up he’s going to be a Dentist!  I have no idea why he chose that profession since it’s like pulling teeth (pun intended!) getting him to brush properly (although he does love his new Iron Man electric toothbrush he got a few weeks ago).  He said he’s going to be a Dentist, he wants me to be a Doctor ‘when I grow up’, and Daddy can be a Deep Sea Diver!  LOL  Not sure where he came up with that one.  I asked him, What about the babies?  He replied, ‘They can just be bugs, because they’ll just be crawling around.’  LOL  So funny the things kids come up with!

Tonight I was reading him a book called Big Words for Little People (Jamie Lee Curtis is one of the authors) and when I got to the page about Love, he added in, ‘And I love the babies!’ which I thought was super cute.  He really can’t possibly know what he’s in for, but it is going to be SO sweet in those moments when I get to witness him loving his sisters.  He’s been talking about how he’ll get to give them hugs and kisses, and he seems really excited about being able to feed them a bottle of pumped milk!  We’re doing what we can to get him excited about how helpful he can be, so he knows what an important role he’ll be playing in their lives.  It’s still going to be such a shock to the system, but hopefully the transition won’t be too difficult!


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