No energy

Today I did a big grocery shop at Walmart and now I feel like I’m dying.  I can’t even grocery shop anymore!  I did do a BIG shop, so I’m sure I could handle going to the store for just a few things, but still.  I felt dizzy halfway through, but a bit better after having something to drink.  Then by the time I was at the checkout it was all I could do to get everything on the conveyor belt thingy – and I wanted to cry when I realized I still had to put everything back into the cart, and then get it all into the van!  Ugh.

Luckily James worked from home today so I got him to bring everything up for me.  There’s NO WAY I would have been able to haul it upstairs, even if I piled it into my granny cart or onto Andrew’s umbrella stroller.  NO WAY.  The kitchen counters are covered in stuff to put away in the pantry (which I need to reorganize before the stuff gets put in there) because all I could (barely) manage was to put the fridge and freezer stuff away.  Yes, I potentially could have got James to do it all for me, but realistically I like to be the one to put stuff away since I do most of the cooking, and also (let’s face it!) just because I’m controlling like that ;D 

I feel sick now though.  Then again, I got a bad bout of ‘morning sickness’ late last night, and I don’t think I’ve fully recovered from it yet.  I was so sick and still felt sick afterwards, so I couldn’t eat anything before I went to bed.  So when I woke up I was beyond hungry and therefore feeling sick from that.  Not fun!  With James working from home I did manage to get a bit of extra sleep, thank goodness, which I think saved me, because if I’d had to get up just after 7 I probably would have been really sick again.  As it was I tossed and turned all night.  It’s impossible to find a comfortable position, and I feel like I’m having growing pains in my belly, which doesn’t help either.  I’ve also been having more vivid dreams again, and pretty much all of them are nightmares.

Other than that, I’m doing awesome!!!


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