It's a beautiful day in the neighbourhood

I feel like I haven’t been writing much lately.  We’ve been busy doing things, and not.  I’m trying to do as much as I can without doing too much!  We’ve been getting out and about and making the most of our yard time when we’re home.  I can’t believe we’re heading toward the end of August already, I feel like we have to take in as much as we can of the summer while it’s here.  I think we’ve done a pretty good job of it over all.

Today we took Andrew to a place on Commercial Drive that does drum lessons for ages 3 and up.  He was so psyched about it when James suggested it, and got right into it as soon as we got there.  It’s very informal and laid back and perfect for trying out.  The guy who was leading it was really good with Andrew, and Andrew absolutely loved it.  He’s so comfortable in situations like that, he just gets right in there and has a field day.  He was even bossing the guy and telling him to play slower or faster depending what he was wanting to hear at the time!  lol
 After the half hour session (or thereabouts, we were probably there for 20 minutes, but Andrew had a great attention span for however long it was!) we went and got some lunch, checked out a few stores, then headed to the park at the other end of The Drive.  It’s an awesome kids’ play area, with a huge playground and water park.  Andrew loved it, especially the really tall slide, of course.  He was climbing like crazy.  I took a short walk a block up to a maternity shop, then stopped in at a bakery (called Elizabeth’s Bakery, so how could I resist?!) and got us each a cookie for a treat.  Andrew’s was a Gingerbread Man and he was so pleased with it, he kept saying things like, ‘How did you know I would like this?!’ or ‘Did you get me this because you love me?’  So cute!

When we got home James went to rest for a bit while Andrew and I had a bath.  It’s not all that easy for me to bathe with him these days given how huge I am.  He was laughing the other night at how I take up the whole bath, and how my belly ‘floats to the top’!  We rarely have a bath together these days, but if he sees me get into it he has to get in too.  Then we each have to have a toy that we act out the character of, and usually we pretend we’re at Playland going on the rides, or we’re going to the park to play on the swings, etc.  It’s pretty cute the scenarios Andrew comes up with!  In the past couple of weeks he has REALLY gotten into playing with his toys more than ever.  I had thought for quite a while that we’d just spoiled him with way too many toys and yet he’d always just be happiest to play with a balloon or something that cost nothing and isn’t even meant to be a toy.  But now, he’s pulling out all the toys from every nook and cranny in his bedroom and playing with everything for longer periods of time. 

(This morning he woke me up with ‘breakfast in bed’ which consisted of felt versions of garlic, a pancake, and a piece of toast from his Ikea kitchen!  He’s taken to playing with that a lot more, too).

It’s so amazing seeing him getting into independent play a lot more.  I love watching him as he acts out different characters with his toys and I’ll hear him singing or chattering away with them.  It’s also great because he goes through his stuff and seems to really appreciate what he has to play with.  There’s a shelf downstairs in our building by where you head out to the underground parking, and people sometimes leave stuff there that they don’t want anymore.  Andrew has collected a few ‘treasures’ that were other people’s junk, little figurines and things, and so I said let’s find some things in your bedroom that we can put there for someone else to take.  So far he took down a little Iggle Piggle stuffed toy (from In the Night Garden).  He gave the toy a kiss and a hug and said, ‘I’ll give this one away now.’  One thing at a time, but I’m hoping to get him doing a little more purging of stuff in the next little while!

I’m feeling bigger by the minute, and the babies are starting to really feel huge in there.  Today at the drumming session, both babies went totally crazy kicking, punching, and rolling around, which I expected would happen because when I was a little less along with Andrew (6 months I think) James and I went to a Radiohead concert and he kicked and punched through the WHOLE thing.  It was just way too loud for ears that had only just begun being able to hear!!  So I wasn’t surprised when the babies started acting up today!  But what surprises me is how all of a sudden I just feel as though I can recognize how truly BIG they are getting.  Tonight some of the rolling around produced very hard lumps in certain areas of my belly.  I’m guessing they were bums, actually!  Which is ridiculously cute!

I’m also recognizing my limitations more and more and realizing that I have to just succumb to them, there’s nothing I can do about it.  I have to admit, it gets me down sometimes, but it is what it is.  The other night we took Andrew up to Burnaby Mountain for a picnic supper/play time at the park, and it was my idea to go there but I felt totally left out.  Andrew wanted to play a game on the playground, so James was playing with him, and I was just sitting there alone.  Alone time can be great, and I know in a few months’ time I’ll be daydreaming of time to myself, but I start feeling lonely these days and sad that I can’t do more to be involved.  From a distance I was looking over to the rose garden and thought I could go take some pictures of the roses while the boys played, but sadly I couldn’t walk that far (and seriously, it was NOT very far away!) because I was dealing with some pain which I think could be sciatica (common during pregnancy) but I don’t know for sure.  I just knew I wouldn’t make it to the garden comfortably, let alone then walking back.  It’s a sad state of affairs to me, being so immobile!  I’m not used to it at all, I’m usually such a fast walker. 

James suggested a particular outing for tomorrow that I actually declined outright even though it’s something I’d LOVE to do if able-bodied.  They’re going to go with James’ bro instead, and then hopefully James and I are going to have a date night tomorrow night.  I usually tag along and do what I can on outings because I really want to be getting out and enjoying different things, but I also have to weigh the pros and cons and sometimes now it feels like it’s just not worth it for me to bother going somewhere where I know I won’t be comfortable no matter what.  I think I’ll take that time tomorrow to just sit out in our backyard and enjoy our little space out there, and not fret about the stuff that I’m not able to do.

Things are going well, I had a little mood swing the other night (some tears were involved, still a rarity for me so it seemed like a big deal at the time!) but for the most part everything’s going quite smoothly and as I should be expecting it to.  I’m just noticing time is starting to go by really fast these days, I can’t believe the babies are going to be here in just a few more months!  It’s crazy!!  Exciting, VERY exciting, but…omg!!!!


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