Hiccups and a picnic in the park

Tonight (the 14th) Baby A had the hiccups for the first time!  Or at least for the first time that I’ve noticed it…and unless I was in a really deep sleep I don’t know how I’d be able to miss it.  At first I thought she was punching me repeatedly, but then I realized it seemed too rhythmic.  Then it started to get slightly annoying because it was so constant, and I clued in that it must be hiccups!  I put James’ hand over the spot where I could feel it, and he could feel it through my belly (well, more down near my left hip bone/pelvis – she’s pretty much as low down as she can get before delivery!)

Andrew had hiccups ALL.THE.TIME on the inside, so it’s amazing to me that it has taken this long to feel it from one of the girls.  So far Baby B has been quiet, no hiccups…seems rather fitting that it’s Baby A who’s keeping Mommy up with it – she does seem to be the feistier of the two (it will be interesting to see if that’s true once they’re born!)

They’ve also been really active today in general, and I’m noticing a lot more pronounced movements.  A lot of sudden kicks and punches, and rolling around that feels really tight because they’re taking up every bit of room possible in there.  Crazy!  It’ll be interesting to see them on the next ultrasound, to see how much more squished together they must be.  James still marvels every day at the fact that there are TWO in there!  He’s forever saying, ‘I can’t believe you’re carrying TWO GIRLS in there!’  It is pretty crazy to think about…but so exciting!  I’m having one of the better moments where instead of feeling overwhelmed, I feel over the moon happy.  Two sweet little girls, I can hardly wait!

I got Andrew a new book today, it just happened to catch my eye and seemed appropriate.  ‘Billy Bear and the New Baby.’  While I was reading it, Andrew said to me, ‘Billy gets ONE baby, but I get to have TWO!’  He seemed pretty pleased with himself about that!

Speaking of Andrew, we went for an impromptu picnic supper to the park tonight and he got to playing ball with 4 older kids.  He really seemed to want to get in there and play with them but didn’t know if they wanted him to, so he was about to stick with the playground on his own when the boys’ mom asked if he’d like to join.  He said, ‘Yes, yes, I want to play, too!’ and got right in there, and the other boys were SO good with him, teaching him how to catch and really showing an interest in including him.  Andrew was just thrilled to bits.  All smiles, and so full of life.  He is such a sweetheart, and it was so good to see him playing with a group of people and making new friends.  I’ve pretty much loved all of his ages and stages so far, but I have to say a little over 3 ½ is a pretty darn cute age!


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