Gestating two

Gestating multiples is harder than I thought it would be!  Definitely a lot more challenging than a singleton.  I feel like one baby in there would be such a breeze.  I’m 2 days shy of 27 weeks, and I have NO IDEA how I’ll be able to carry these babies for another 10 weeks or more.  It seems crazy to me, even though it’s my goal.  I am SO WINDED, I’m really having a hard time breathing.  I’m definitely going to bring it up at my next OB visit, but I’m pretty sure she’ll just tell me to get used to it!  I’ve asked several moms of multiples and they all said they had the same thing by this stage.  It kind of sucks knowing it’s only going to get worse before it gets better.

I basically feel as though my lungs are only functioning at half capacity.  Probably more, but that’s how it feels.  I feel like my chest is being crushed, like the symptom of having a heart attack.  I also have the heart palpitation happening, so the combination is just wiping me right out.  I can’t seem to sleep laying down, I had to prop myself up last night so I’d be able to breathe without totally struggling.  I can barely do anything because I get out of breathe way too fast, and then I just feel really tired.

The girth is SO UNCOMFORTABLE already and it freaks me right out when I look at pictures of what I have to expect weeks from now.  I have no idea how I’m supposed to walk around with such a huge belly when it’s already so debilitating.  I feel like when gestating multiples, Momma should just go into a sort of hibernation.  Then again, given how difficult it is to lie down and sleep, that might not work out so well!

Part of the problem is that I really didn’t get nearly enough sleep last night, which probably makes my symptoms feel worse than they would be otherwise.  Andrew woke us up right after I’d FINALLY got to sleep after an hour of trying, then the guy upstairs was too noisy for me to fall asleep for another hour, then I had nightmares and kept waking up, and before I knew it Andrew was running in to tell me it was time to GET UP!

I keep telling James that I don’t mean to be complaining so much, as I really do want to just be enjoying being pregnant.  But it’s hard when I’m this uncomfortable already.  I’m bigger than a full term singleton pregnancy before 27 weeks?!  That just seems so crazy to me.  It feels impossible to do this, even though I know it’s not.  I keep telling myself that many, many women have done this before me, and I can do it too, but it’s not helping me feel better about it!

James was telling me last night how excited he is that we’re having twin girls, even though sometimes it overwhelms him like it does me, that there are going to be TWO babies at once, he thinks it’s pretty amazing and special that we get to have two.  I have to agree, completely, I just wish I could be more comfortable in the process!


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