GD test

Since Andrew was going downtown today, I decided to go get my gestational diabetes test taken care of.  It takes 2 hours so it’s definitely not something I wanted to take him to if I didn’t have to.  Actually, there’s pretty much no way I would have taken him with me!

Andrew woke me up in the morning to say goodbye, since he’s sleeping over at his Nana’s in order to see the fireworks tonight (Celebration of Light) (which they’ll be able to see from her balcony).  Then James came in to ask me something and let me know he’d made me a coffee and a sandwich (forgetting I couldn’t eat or drink anything, although I was grateful for the sandwich after sitting at the LifeLab!)  By the time they left I was totally awake, even though it was only 7:30 in the morning.  I had eaten late at night so I couldn’t go for the test that early since I had to fast for at least 10 hours, so I had a glass of water to have SOMETHING on my stomach, and then around 9:30 I went to the lab.  I got there just at the perfect time – with one person ahead of me.  By the time I was leaving 2 hours later, it was nearly an hour wait time to get in.

I had to get my blood taken, then I drank this orange ‘pop’ sort of stuff.  It’s syrupy sweet…doesn’t taste terrible, but not great either.  You have to finish the whole cup within 5 minutes, but I drank it down pretty quick because I wanted to get it over with.  An hour later more blood was taken, then again an hour after that.  It felt like such a long two hours.  I took a book and did some reading, and looked through a magazine they had there…But I was so hungry that it was hard to concentrate.  Plus, I wasn’t allowed to walk around, so I kept having to get more comfortable in the chair.  I’m OK with sitting for a while, but when I know I’m not ALLOWED to move around, it makes me want to!

I didn’t take my Diclectin this morning because I figured if I’m meant to fast, I probably shouldn’t be taking a pill either.  The combo of not having that in the morning and not eating when normally I have a meal pretty quickly after getting up, made me feel kind of sick by the time I left the place.  I don’t think it was a reaction to the drink itself, although I could still taste it hours later and it just made me feel gross.  I’m glad I got that over with, but it kind of threw off the rest of the day. 

I ended up having a nap (and had a weird dream where I had a baby fish or maybe it was a whale?!  It had an ocean mother but I was its mother also and I was hugging it and protecting it from harm – weird, and hard to explain!  lol  I woke up with a headache but taking a Tylenol seems to have helped I think.  I made some dinner because I felt like I really haven’t eaten properly today.  I really could have used dinner being made for me tonight, it was just one of those days!  But James is staying over at his mom’s with Andrew to see the fireworks, so I knew I had to take care of myself.

I ended up taking it pretty easy today, I’ve done nothing around the house and I don’t think I can muster the energy for anything tonight.  I wish I didn’t feel sort of under the weather, but I’m glad I got the test over and done with.


Smelly Danielly said…
You probably saw this at the LifeLabs location, but you can now book appointments online. I did it and only had to wait a few minutes while they got the room ready. Totally worth it!
Elizabeth said…
Yeah I hadn't heard of that before but I saw the signs they had up about it when I was there. Next time I will definitely do that!

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