Full term? Not quite...

It can be very confusing being pregnant with twins, if that makes sense.  I’m 28 and a half weeks along, but I’m waddling around like I’m already full term.  And it makes sense that I’m doing so, because I’m measuring as though I AM full term.

I feel as though I should be able to still do simple tasks, like wash out the bathtub, or go to the store and walk around and get what I need.  I DO do these things (although I think yesterday washing out the tub was my last time for a while, as I could barely reach the far side of the tub due to the belly getting in the way/getting sore) but it’s not easy.  I put things off too – like grocery shopping, as of late – because the sheer idea of having to do it makes me tired. 

Sometimes it’s not so bad and I manage to do more than I thought I could.  But, take last night for instance.  We went to the mall to get a birthday gift for a friend of Andrew’s who’s having a party on the weekend.  James and Andrew were walking at a normal pace, and I found myself falling further and further behind them.  I could also feel myself waddling like a penguin.  My bladder was being pressed on so harshly, I could barely think straight to walk through the mall.  I find myself being passed by very old people, which NEVER happens to me…

I have to remind myself that I might still have a ways to go with twins, but I AM full term if I was having a singleton.  So it’s ‘normal’ that I’m feeling so far gone.  I’m starting to notice ‘weird’ looks from people, as if they’re worried I’m going to go into labour on the floor of the store or something, because I look like I’m ready to pop!  In reality, I’m hoping I’ve got another 7-8 weeks (and that I DON’T go into labour on the floor of a store, haha).


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