BC Day long weekend post

It felt like we really made the most of the long weekend, and thankfully the weather stayed nice for pretty much the whole 3 days.
 On Saturday we went and checked out James’ brother’s new place, and we stopped off at the Belgian Fries place on Commercial to pick up lunch to take with us.  Yummy veggie burger and poutine!  On our way home we detoured and went to Burnaby Lake for a short little walk along a pier.  It was SO hot but felt really nice to be out in the sun for a little while.  We were looking for frogs by all the lily pads but didn’t see any, just lots of ducks and geese.  When we went home it was still early enough that it was the perfect opportunity to set Andrew up in his pool in the back yard.  We sat out there for quite a while and enjoyed a quiet afternoon.

 On Sunday we got up early (well, the boy ALWAYS gets James up early…but I didn’t sleep in too late for a weekend day!) and after a yummy breakfast we got sorted and took Andrew to Playland!  SO MUCH FUN.  I really wanted to be able to go with him again this summer.  Last year it was his first Playland experience, and he loved it so much that I even took him back on my own one weekday, AND we took him to the PNE!  For this year, this was our one and only adventure there – I can’t take him on my own because I can’t go on any of the rides with being pregnant.  I did go on the Carousel with him, even though it said not recommended during pregnancy – which if you ask me is ridiculous!  I think there are quite a few rides I COULD have gone on…but I didn’t.  Actually, Andrew ended up going on most of the rides by himself.
 Last year he was a few inches shy of the minimum height of 36 inches tall.  This year he looked to be about 38 inches tall.  So there were more rides he could go on, and several that he had to go on by himself due to height restrictions.  He was going to go on the Dumbo ride first, but got scared about going on by himself.  Then he saw the motorcycle ride and conquered his fear of going on by himself and LOVED IT!  As soon as the ride started, he was just grinning and so pleased with himself.  As soon as he finished that ride, he said he was ready to try the Dumbo ride.  Too cute!!

 So he went on the Motorcycle ride, the Dumbo ride twice, several car rides, a pirate ship ride, several jungle gyms, the little roller coaster twice (with Daddy), the carousel (with me), the Super Slide 3 times (with Daddy), and the Helicopter ride (with Daddy).  He won enough tickets in the Fun Zone to get 2 prizes – a spider ring, and a round thing with a skeleton on it that flips up in the air when you put it inside out on a flat surface.  He also LOVED standing outside of the Haunted Mansion, and he remembered all the names he gave the skeletons last year!  He waved and said hi to them all, and when the Haunted Mansion opened at noon (we got there just after 10:30), he asked the zombie lady at the front if it would be too scary for him.  She said he could peek into the first room and see what he thought, but she wouldn’t suggest he go farther than that as it could be quite scary since it’s not recommended for kids under 12!  He hesitantly peeked into the first room and bolted away from it as fast as he could!  LOL  I think he’ll love it once he’s at a more appropriate age for it, but definitely too scary for a 3 year old!  He was content to just stand outside of it and watch the skeletons jumping out at him from the windows every so often.

 We had popcorn and cotton candy AND a sno-cone, and called it a day.  It was REALLY hot but I’m glad we got there early, when it wasn’t quite so busy so no major line ups, and by the time it was getting absolutely scorching hot, we were ready to go home.  I had to take quite a few breaks from walking around and sit down to rest the babies (and my back!) but I managed pretty well.  I’m really glad we decided to go this weekend, because I don’t think in the coming weeks I’d be able to handle it – and I wanted to avoid the PNE truthfully, since it’s a lot more expensive than just Playland when ultimately at this stage all Andrew really cares about is going on the rides.

We went home and had some more pool/backyard time, and then I ended up having a bit of a nap while the boys went out to the park for a while.  I couldn’t believe how go go go Andrew was all day, without so much of a hint of a nap.  He was a really good boy at Playland and it was just so cute watching him enjoy all the rides, and his independence on so many of them.  One of the rides was this little car that went along a track, passing by little wooden animals, and it was ADORABLE watching him on there because he grinned and waved at all the creatures he saw.  It just melted my heart watching him do that, it was cuter than words can express!

Then on Monday we had a leisurely morning, Andrew mostly stayed inside and watched some shows  and played while James and I sat outside and sipped our coffee.  Then we got ready, picked up some sandwiches, and headed to Spanish Banks beach.  It was on my list of places I wanted to go this summer, so it was great to get there.  It was cloudy but still warm, and it ended up being perfect.  In some ways I’d been hoping for a sunny beach day, but I think the cloudiness was good because otherwise it would have been stifling.  The tide was waaay out, so swimming was out.  We did walk pretty far out, and Andrew enjoyed playing in the sand – in fact, I was amazed how dirty he got without getting upset about it, since usually he’s all about staying clean!  He really got into the whole beach experience.  I was also really grateful that the babies seemed to be cooperating while we were there.  I wasn’t feeling them pressing on my bladder as per their usual, so I wasn’t having to rush to the washroom frequently (although there was one close by if I’d needed it!) and I was able to walk out pretty far to the water without much discomfort at all.  Interestingly, the aches and pains came back shortly after we got home and I was having to go to the bathroom every half hour or so again, but I’m just glad it all worked out for while we were at the beach!!

 I feel like we’ve done just about everything I’d hoped to do in terms of outings this summer, so I’m pretty happy about that.  There are a few things I’d still like to do if possible, but it feels good to have crossed so many things off my list of places to go before I’m too immobile to think about it.  I’m really dwindling these days, so it’s important to me that we’ve done all that we have.  Yesterday I did way too much and my body was really paying for it by late afternoon, I have to be a lot more careful.  I’m only 26 weeks 3 days, so I need these babies to bake for quite a lot longer!  It’s just hard feeling so limited in what I can do in a day, but I have to listen to my body – and the aches and pains from doing too much are telling me I have to take it down a notch or two!

It was a perfect long weekend, though – I love having James home for an extra day, sunny weather to enjoy, and seeing the excitement on Andrew’s face when we tell him what adventures we’re going to be having!


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