Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Baby clothes and other things

When I called my OB’s office today to confirm my next appointments, I asked about the results of my gestational diabetes test and the blood work that was taken almost 2 weeks ago.  On the one hand I like to assume that ‘no news is good news’ but we know from experience with even a really amazing family doctor, sometimes your file can fall through the cracks.  I was eating a donut this morning (something I have VERY rarely, fyi!) and I thought to myself, Hmm, maybe I should make sure this is an OK treat to be having!!  It turns out all my blood work came back great, so I don’t have to worry about GD.   I also mustn’t have had low iron, which is something I suspected given my extremely low energy.  It’s just the nature of a double pregnancy!  And given I’ve been taking my supplements for about 2 weeks now every single day, I’m hoping my iron will be even better, which I know is important for when the time comes to deliver.  I’m happy to know everything is going so well and that I’m healthy.

Today I went to Walmart, on the lookout for a cheaper diaper pail than what I found at Babies R Us.  They have the same one (Diaper Genie) as B-R-Us for $5 cheaper, but it’s still $35.  I’ll probably get it if it comes right down to it, but my parents are going to go to Bellingham in a few weeks so I’m going to see if they can find something cheaper across the border.  It makes me so mad how much cheaper baby stuff seems to be in the US vs. here!  It doesn’t seem fair!  But I might be able to score a cheaper deal on a diaper pail so we’ll see.  It just seems like such a ridiculous thing to spend money on, yet when it comes down to it I know it IS an essential item!!  Especially with 2…my gawd, the stench is going to be unbearable!  lol

I also got a few little outfits for the girls, they had some stuff on clearance and every item I got was only $1!  I couldn’t believe it.  Even a few things were just $4, which still seemed like a steal.  When Andrew was a baby I loved Joe Fresh, and I still really like a lot of their stuff but I’ve noticed since they’ve started opening up the Joe stores, it’s not as cheap as it used to be.  Given we’re going to have to start pinching some pennies with having a whole extra child than we’d anticipated, I have to think about these things when shopping for the girls.  I’m not necessarily a huge fan of the Walmart corporation, but their prices are right…

It’s actually crazy what some people spend on baby clothes.  I had some ‘Gymbucks’ for Gymboree to spend a little while back so I did end up getting a few things to get the ‘money off’ but ultimately I left the store checking the bill because it felt like I was being totally ripped off.  Baby clothes, in my opinion, should NOT cost anywhere even close to what it would cost if I was going to by MYSELF a new outfit.  I should arguably get a LOT more wear out of an outfit than a growing baby!  It seems crazy to me to spend, say, $40-$50 on a dress for a baby, when they will be lucky to wear the thing 3 times.  I personally can’t justify that kind of spending.  I know a lot of people have a ton of disposable income, but I just feel a little sad when I look at websites or in stores where the prices are insane and the fabric is teensy tiny for a newborn…it just blows my mind what people are willing to pay for things!  Yes, it’s all very cute stuff, and maybe it’s more original than the cheaper stuff, but…you’ve got to draw a line somewhere!

Andrew went downtown to his Nana’s today.  She’s going to be away as of tomorrow for 3 weeks, possibly longer, so today was the last day ‘to myself’ that I’ll have for a while…And then let’s face it, in a few months, I won’t have a day to myself for probably a few years at least.  So I guess I’d better enjoy this quiet time while I’ve got it!

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