Almost the long weekend...

Written last night…

My TO DO BEFORE THE BABIES ARRIVE list is mounting.  Although today I did manage to organize most of their little clothes into sizes so I could put them on different shelves in their little wardrobe thingy.  I wish they could have a closet right off the bat, it would make life so much easier, BUT when they’re 4-5 months we will move to a place where they’ll have their own room AND closet!  Andrew did without a closet for 2 years, so they can surely manage for the first several months.

I’ll take pictures soon of the ‘set up’ in our bedroom for the babies.  I wish I could do more with it, jazz it up a little maybe, but it’s tough.  I want our bedroom to still be ours, while accommodating for 2 newborns.  So ultimately it can’t help but feel a bit like a mish-mash.  Still, I think it’s functional, and ultimately I’m just grateful that our room is big enough to house 2 babies and us!  If it wasn’t, we would have had to move already.  As much as I’m looking forward to our next move, I’m happy it hasn’t happened yet.  I’ll miss this cozy place of ours for sure.

I can hardly wait for the long weekend.  Although that means it’s SEPTEMBER and no longer August, and that makes me a little bit sad.  September is often a good month here weather-wise, I just don’t really want fall to make it’s way here for a while yet.  It feels like we barely had summer, and it’s already almost over.  That’s just a real bummer to me.  Yes, there are good things about fall, too, and the more time that passes the closer we are to meeting our babies.  But…summer is way too short!  I feel like it should still be the BEGINNING of summer, not near the end.  Time flies when you’re having fun?!?  Maybe.

I’m looking forward to Saturday because we get to babysit a cutie pie baby for some friends of ours.  And I’m looking forward to Sunday because Andrew is most likely sleeping over at his Nana’s, which means James and I get to go on a date AND have a quiet night to ourselves, which means no 3.5 year old beating on our bedroom door in the middle of the night.  We had SO hoped to curb that before the twins’ arrival, and I suppose there’s still time, but it has been a long haul of trying already and nothing seems to work so I feel as if it’s just never going to happen.  It’s a tough one.  He makes his way to our door around 2am most nights and just beats on the door till James gets up and basically at this point yells at him.  It’s so frustrating.  It generally takes me an hour or more to fall asleep due to the babies movements (last night Baby A got the hiccups AS SOON AS MY HEAD HIT THE PILLOW and it lasted 45 minutes!  I can’t fall asleep with hiccups inside my belly!  She is SO proving to be like her big brother, it’s not even funny – he did the same thing to me ALL THE TIME!!)  Then it seems not long after I finally get to sleep, Andrew wakes us up.  Then it takes me another hour or so to fall asleep.  Then I toss and turn and feel restless most of the night because I just can’t sleep anyway.  James tells me to go to bed early and try to get more sleep, but I don’t see the point in lying in bed early only to feel uncomfortable for even longer.  I just CAN’T.SLEEP.

BUT at least it’s almost the long weekend, which means I’ll get the chance for a little extra resting time with James being home.  Only one more night till TGIF!!


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