A non baby shower

My sil asked if I wanted to have a formal baby shower for the twins.  I hadn’t wanted a baby shower before I had Andrew, as I just find that sort of thing a bit awkward, and I don’t want people feeling like they have to be giving us gifts etc.  It’s just not really my thing to have a party that’s all about me (well, my babies, but since they’re not yet born, me on their behalf!)  We did end up having a fairly low-key shower that my bil and sil put on for us before Andrew came along – and when I say ‘us’ I mean that James was there and it was a guys AND girls event and not traditional to how a shower is usually. 

Anyway, I did decline the offer of my bro and sil hosting a formal baby shower, but today we went over for a visit, along with my parents, and my grandma came over from the island, and they'd set it up as an informal baby shower.  It felt very low key, like a regular family visit, and therefore not awkward, which I liked!  My bro and sil really went all out though, they got in all sorts of yummy foods.  Starting off with chips and cheesies, a big (and delicious) fruit and veggie platter, then Baguette Time sandwiches and even Poutine!  There was also a delicious blueberry crème brulee cheesecake for dessert.  And a big pitcher of iced tea to wash it all down with!  (Well, others had alcohol).  Basically all these things are favourites of mine, and I really noticed how they’d got in all the treats that I happen to love.  They even bought extra of everything since they knew I’d be ‘eating for 3’ which means I DID eat a lot today…but also we got to bring a lot of food home for leftovers, which is awesome!

We got lots of cute little outfits and sleepers for the girls, bibs, hats, receiving blankets.  And Andrew was pleased because my grandma brought over several colouring and activity books for him.  He was so good, although he did end up visiting with everyone quite a bit, when he got the activity books he was content to sit inside (while we were all out on the patio) and work on the books.  Then a while later my bro was showing us some shirts he got recently and Andrew said, ‘Will you show me some more shirts?’ and when they went to my brother’s closet, Andrew apparently talked on about how much he loves clothes, and in particular t-shirts!  LOL  My brother showed him a shirt that he really loved so my bro gave it to him and he kept asking, ‘Why don’t you want this anymore, I can’t believe you don’t want this!  I can really have it?!’  Andrew put it on, even though it’s a man’s medium, so it’s HUGE on him and just barely doesn’t drag on the floor when he walks!  When we came home he had a bath and I got him into a shirt to wear to bed, but 2 seconds later he’d ripped that shirt off and he’s wearing my brother’s shirt as he sleeps right now!  So cute.

It was a nice visit with the fam, and a great ‘non’-shower for the babies!


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